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How TikTok became a lockdown sensation and why travel brands should get involved
blogs How TikTok became a lockdown sensation and why travel brands should get involved
How-to... - 27th May 2020
How TikTok became a lockdown sensation and why travel brands should get involved

We’re all familiar with the social media platforms Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and, increasingly over our lockdown period, TikTok. The average adult spends over two hours per ...

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How-to... - 4th December 2018
boosting your travel PR with industry awards  

Entering industry awards often falls low on the travel PR priority list; the process can be time-consuming and requires resources and focus you may feel you can’t afford.  However, winning or even being ...

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Communications Strategy - 29th November 2018
lift your travel PR programme with these press trip alternatives  

In a travel PR programme, hosting a press trip is a fantastic way to engage the media with your brand’s product or service. They typically yield excellent coverage and give ...

blogs How to plan a whitepaper
About us - 18th October 2018
checklist for WecChat

China’s most popular messaging app, WeChat, has fast become a vital tool for any business interacting with the Chinese market. With this in mind, we’ve put together a checklist to ...

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How-to... - 22nd January 2018
how to get a story covered by cnbc: seven steps to success

CNBC is the business news outlet in the US and Canada (and now, thanks to its online presence, across the globe). Its multifaceted platform encompasses live television, a written news ...

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How-to... - 8th August 2017
climbing the career ladder: a guide for young PR professionals

Public relations is a vibrant and hugely successful industry. It can take you all over the world and introduce you to all sorts of people, which is part of what ...

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About us - 20th September 2016
5 top tips for a greater facebook presence

Social media started off as something purely recreational, adding yet another rung to the lengthening communications ladder. Early platforms were a tool to talk to friends, meet new people and ...

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Agency insights - 9th September 2016
four surefire media interview techniques

You’ve scored an opportunity to promote your business with a media interview - now’s the time to maximise it.  Here are four tried and trusted techniques to ensure you make ...

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How-to... - 7th September 2016
how can travel PR evolve?

The spectacular twists and turns of Britain’s political landscape since the Brexit referendum have brought a temporary respite for newspaper publishers, with the public returning to newsstands in greater numbers. ...

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How-to... - 7th September 2016
how to use travel PR for lead generation

The travel and tourism industry offers an infinite wealth of exciting and valuable content which can be leveraged through travel PR. However, when you’re working on this year’s marketing plan, ...

blogs snapchat for travel brands – a how-to guide
How-to... - 7th September 2016
snapchat for travel brands – a how-to guide

Snapchat is fast becoming the go-to social platform, especially in the millennial sphere (socially engaged people in the 18-35-year-old category) and companies have begun to clock onto this. Major brands, ...

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How-to... - 1st September 2016
how to value travel PR results

‘Value’ is a tricky concept to pin down – after all, it means different things to different people. To a CFO, it’s likely to be about the bottom line, but ...