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Who we are

8020 Communications is an award-winning strategic communications consultancy focused on the aviation, travel and mobility industries.
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01 – A diverse skillset

We advise clients internationally on the messages and actions that build understanding and trust with key audiences including customers, investors, employees and partners.

Our strategies integrate media relations, social media, content and digital marketing techniques to achieve measurable gains in business performance.

Our name is inspired by Italian economist and engineer Vilfredo Pareto, whose Pareto Principle says that 80% of what you are trying to achieve results from only 20% of factors. The secret is to work out which 20% to focus upon. This is how we approach public relations and digital marketing. We work analytically to focus on the most influential audiences, media outlets, messages and issues. That lets us deliver great outcomes as successfully and efficiently as possible.

02 – High standards

PRCA Members

We are members of the PRCA (Public Relations & Communications Association), the world’s leading communications industry trade body.

We are Gold-level holders of its Communications Management Standard, underlining our commitment to quality and best practice.

Who we are
03 – International

We operate internationally, working every day with clients and media across multiple time zones.

Each year, we travel extensively to support clients, working in places as diverse as Las Vegas, Geneva and Shanghai. And when clients need on-the-ground, native-language support, we call on our trusted network of similarly specialist PR firms around the world.

Who we are
04 - Passionate

We’re passionate about what we do and fiercely proud of the clients we support.

We are excited by the opportunities to continually improve how businesses communicate. We are constantly investing in and evolving our skillset to put new capabilities at our clients’ disposal.

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Who we are
Who we are
Who we are
Who we are

A team of change agents

We’re constantly seeking better ways to communicate and drive performance. Meet some of our consultants.

Kate Beveridge
Marc Cornelius
Every day, we seek to outperform. Let’s talk about the difference we can make for you.
Who we are