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What we do

We integrate media relations, social media, content and digital marketing to move audiences further, faster.

Reputation strategy

Analysing your business or issue to pinpoint the audiences, actions and messages that hold the key to success across Earned, Owned and Paid channels

The ability to execute your growth strategy depends on your reputation. A well-regarded business can secure the best customers, employees, investors and supporters. A poorly perceived or misunderstood company faces many more barriers to success.

For aviation, travel and mobility businesses, the reputational stakes are higher still. Amid heightened Environmental, Social and Governance concerns, it is essential to communicate your commitments and responsible acts.

We will help clarify your understanding of your audiences, their expectations and how they see your business today. With our external perspective, we will help reveal the context in which your business is viewed.

Using these insights and an understanding of your business goals, we will frame a communications strategy to build your brand across Earned, Paid and Owned channels. With this integrated approach we will address the entire customer journey to make your narrative visible and relevant at every step.

Tell us where you want to be and we will get you there. Outperform the competition.

  • Perception auditing
  • Share of voice analysis
  • Customer personas
  • Issues landscape mapping
  • Sustainability auditing
  • Brand narrative
  • Message development
  • Tone of voice development
  • Communications programme design
Media relations

Securing eye-catching, message-rich news coverage and building searchable news footprints and inbound links through effective storytelling

The reach and endorsement of quality news coverage is a powerful influence on how your business is perceived.

Across national, trade, financial and consumer media, the 8020 team has an enviable track record in creating eye-catching and message-rich coverage for clients.

We will flex your story and its presentation to make it relevant to editors and readers, helping your news to outperform competing stories.

Our specialist focus gives us a strong network of journalist relationships around the world, with the ability to create opportunities for multiple clients in a single conversation.

Through creativity and diverse PR tactics we will maximise your opportunities to be heard and achieve a large share-of-voice versus your rivals.

Over time, our work will build a large footprint of searchable online news that will impress customers, investors and others performing due diligence on your business.

  • Press releases
  • Global news distribution and translation
  • Thought leadership articles
  • Feature interviews
  • Creative story generation
  • Media briefings, trips and press conferences
  • Reactive news commentary
  • Event PR support
  • Media monitoring and evaluation
Thought leadership

Building your authority on relevant topics through our expert insight, diligent research and compelling articulation

Becoming a recognised expert is a powerful way to earn trust. Thought leadership is the means to showcase your knowledge and build authority. It is a cornerstone of reputation management.

As business-to-business communicators, we have immense experience of creating thought leadership content that informs and engages. From opinion piece articles and speeches to whitepapers and reports, our experience will raise your game.

As a proactive partner, we will propose suitable topics, perform research and create expertly written content that reflects your expertise. Using our skills in media relations, graphic design and video production, we will ensure your arguments are cogently made and reach your audience.

  • Thematic research and advice
  • Executive interviewing and research
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Opinion piece articles
  • Blog and social media posts
  • Speechwriting and presentations
  • Video production
  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks
Crisis communications

Protecting your reputation and brand equity through crisis response planning and expert crisis communications management

In aviation, travel and mobility, a crisis can become very public, very quickly and cause serious reputational harm.

As seasoned crisis communicators, we will help your business prepare for adversity so that your risks are controlled and any brand damage minimised.

We will audit your business and its exposures to identify the likeliest crisis scenarios. Applying best practice and our direct crisis experience, we will improve your processes and documentation, so that should the worst happen you have a trusted plan that can be immediately activated.

In the event of a live crisis, we will be at your side to advise senior management, monitor unfolding developments and keep your business in command of the narrative.

  • Vulnerability audits
  • Scenario planning
  • Communications plan creation/review
  • Crisis communications counsel
  • Crisis media relations
  • Emergency service communications liaison
  • Media and social media monitoring and evaluation
Sustainability communications

Working with you to define your sustainability strategy and creating multi-channel campaigns to communicate your actions

The climate crisis and sustainability are firmly at the top of the international agenda. For an aviation, travel or mobility business to succeed, it is imperative to communicate how you are changing your company’s behaviour to minimise environmental and societal harm.

As reputation experts, we’ve shaped and implemented many sustainability communications plans for our clients and can bring this knowledge to your team.

And, with our partners at sustainability management consultancy Terrafiniti, we can help ensure you are not only saying the right thing but are also doing the right thing.

We can help strengthen your sustainability communications strategy and position your business for long-term growth. Download our guide to sustainability communications to learn how we help you outperform your obligations.

  • Research and intelligence
  • External communications
  • Sustainability leadership
  • Employee engagement
Social media

Strategy, content and community management to connect with audiences on social media platforms, encouraging network-building, sharing and peer recommendations

A social media presence is easy to create but difficult to do well. Without clarity of purpose and a strategy you can be wasting time or even undermining your interests.

We will bring strategy, creativity and content to your social media, raising the quality of your presence to make it a valuable communications asset.

We maintain an up-to-date understanding of each platform, its changing algorithms and its cultural norms, so we can advise on a strategy that addresses your business needs.

Social media is content-hungry. It rewards output that is eye-catching, original and brings value. Our expert team of writers, videographers and graphic designers can help your business stand apart, with a stream of content that builds a following and true engagement.

With our integrated communications approach, we will ensure your social media leverages and supports your wider business communication to contribute to a satisfying customer journey.

  • Social media strategy
  • Content planning
  • Content creation
  • Graphic design and video
  • Community management
  • Influencer relations
  • Social media monitoring and evaluation
Digital presence strategy

Ongoing website content and structure optimisation to ensure accurate and effective representation of your brand and maximisation of search engine rankings

Your online presence is the shop window for potential customers.
Even before they reach your website, there are ways to optimise your searchability during a potential customer’s research and consideration phase. We will identify and advise you on website structure, text markup and keyword usage to optimise your presence within search results.

With so many factors affecting the way search engines view and categorise your website, the process of pinpointing and effectively optimising content is an ongoing process. We understand your customer purchase journey and positively engineer user behaviour on your website to improve their experience and increase conversion rates.

We set the scene by ensuring your brand’s persona, tone of voice and audience profiling aligns with your digital presence.

Our experienced digital writers balance Google-friendly copy with articulate natural prose, creating content that is prominent in search returns and informs your audience at the right stage of their decision making.

Adopting a multi-platform approach, 8020 manages clients’ social media platforms, informing content strategy, developing a usage framework, building communities and driving engagement through targeted campaigns.

8020 is here to elevate your digital footprint. Outperform online.

  • Digital content strategy, creation and optimisation
  • Paid social media management
  • Website communications consultancy
  • Organic social media strategy and implementation
  • Paid social media campaigns including audience creation and retargeting
  • User journey and behaviour analysis
Digital advertising

Creative, content-led advertising campaigns on social media and Google as part of a fully integrated communications strategy

Whereas public relations sparks interest and builds authority, digital marketing brings precision and conversions. At 8020, we see the entire customer journey and devise integrated campaigns that inspire and enlist the right audiences.

As a complement to a wider digital strategy, or a driver for a specific campaign, we use paid activity to reach audiences at different stages of the buying process with tailored content.

We use paid social media adverts as highly targeted tools to attract your priority audiences. Using a cornerstone of downloadable content, video or high-impact graphics, we create posts that are precisely targeted – segmented by job title, location or even company – and motivate your prospects to take action.

We employ search advertising to make you discoverable on against specific keywords your audience will be using, reaching them when they are primed and ready to act. We will work with you to identify the most strategic keywords and design and test ad copy that encourages action. We manage the adverts for you, guiding the strategy and evaluating campaign success.

Let’s put your brand into consideration.

  • Audience creation and retargeting
  • Paid social content strategy and management
  • Copywriting
  • Keyword research
  • Google AdWords creation, strategy and management
  • Campaign evaluation
Marketing content

Written, graphical and video content to power digital marketing, including customer case studies, website content, newsletter content, whitepapers and ebooks

Content marketing is a powerful but hungry discipline. A programme is only successful if it delivers content that is valuable and plentiful. We are expert content creators and able to provide the fuel your marketing needs.

As specialists in aviation, travel and mobility, we already know the issues your customers are concerned about. We will propose and create a rich seam of content that addresses their needs and serves your marketing objectives.

Whether your needs are written, graphical or video-based, we can take the stress out of your planning and fill your content pipeline. If allied with our digital marketing and social media services, we can drive your content to the right audiences and measure their engagement.

We can help your content marketing outperform the competition.

  • Content strategy
  • Research and interviewing
  • Blog and social media posts
  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks
  • Infographics
  • Graphic design
  • Video production and animations
  • Copywriting
Event communications

Boosting your visitor traffic at international trade and consumer shows through media coverage, social media, press events and public speaking

When you commit a major budget to a trade show, it is vital to get a return on your investment. We know what it takes to make you stand out from other exhibitors so you attract footfall and the right customers.

With more than 30 major trade shows under our belt worldwide, we use our proven approach to start building interest before delegates even reach town. Through advance planning, pre-event activities, early news briefings and targeted brand exposure, we will put you into contention early on. Once the doors open, we will maximise your brand exposure and differentiation to make you a company people plan to visit.

Don’t end a show wondering if it was a success. Work with us to make success a certainty.

  • Event communications strategy
  • Project management
  • Creative activations
  • Pre-show and on-site media relations
  • Public speaking
  • Advertising and sponsorships
  • On-site video shooting and editing
  • Social media management
  • Logistics and ad hoc problem solving

In-house video production to bring added resonance and value to your storytelling, for social media, website and media relations

Video makes your audiences more receptive and your messages more effective. When you’re fighting to be heard, video captures attention and creates an emotional echo that makes a story memorable.

At 8020, we’re experts in social media, video production and how to bring them together for maximum benefit.

We can make your social media cut through with punchy video that’s optimised for mobile. We can make an announcement more newsworthy with supporting footage that’s ready for upload to online pages. Happy customers are your best advocates, so let’s put them to work with case studies that show how you’ve delighted them. And let’s make your thought leadership more authoritative through video content that really argues your point.

Video is too powerful to ignore in your public relation and digital marketing. Let’s help you to harness its potential.

  • On-site video shooting
  • Online remote video recording
  • Storyboarding and consultancy
  • Direction
  • Editing
  • Graphics, music and captioning
  • Optimisation for social media and other applications
Graphic design

Arresting visual assets to bring impact to your story, including social media, whitepapers and presentations

Skilled graphic design not only makes communications more attractive, it also makes them more effective. Attractive layout and illustration gives substance to your message and consolidate the understanding of the reader.

With our focus on desired behavioural outcomes, we are as interested in presentation as in content. Our skilled graphic design team creates high-quality, on-brand visual assets to enhance the effectiveness of any communications.

From engaging LinkedIn infographics and PowerPoint presentations to turnkey solutions for whitepapers and reports, we will ensure your message is presented to best effect.

  • Infographics
  • Social media posts
  • Case studies
  • Advanced capabilities for PowerPoint and Keynote
  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks
  • Reports
Speaker bureau

Event research, organiser liaison and presentation design to build your authority at the right industry conferences

For vendors to the aviation, travel and mobility industries, speaking at the right industry conferences provides a vital way to build authority and impress customers and the media.

We will get you heard at the best events by acting as your speaker bureau. We will identify relevant keynote, panel or workshop speaking opportunities, pitching your speakers to organisers and managing event logistics. Our successful international track record includes securing slots at EBACE, Fitur, ITB Berlin, Phocuswright Europe, Skift Forum Europe and the World Aviation Festival.

We will create the speeches and presentations for your spokespeople to deliver, grounded in an understanding of the audience and the desired business outcomes. Using rhetorical techniques and knowledge of the individual speaker, we will create remarks that can be delivered naturally and with confidence.

  • Event monitoring and research
  • Speaker pitching and organiser liaison
  • Executive interviewing and research
  • Speechwriting
  • Advanced graphic design for PowerPoint and Keynote

Media interview training, presentation training and crisis simulations to help you perform at your best under pressure

Your success in convincing others depends on your ability to handle pressure. When being interviewed by a journalist, addressing an audience or responding to a crisis, the impression you create depends as much on how you communicate as on what you say.

As with all challenges, preparation is the key to success. Through expert coaching and simulation training we will rebuild your verbal and non-verbal communication to help you perform at your best.

For media interviews, whether print, down-the-line or broadcast, we will train you in the techniques to get your message across and avoid potential pitfalls.

For presentations, we will help you master the secrets of structure and delivery, giving you the confidence to take your audience with you.

For crisis preparation, we will run realistic simulations to test your crisis plans and give your team the invaluable experience of working under fire.

  • Media interview workshops
  • Presentation skills training
  • Crisis simulation training
Every day, we seek to outperform. Let’s talk about the difference we can make for you.