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Measuring social sentiments
Integrated PR - 23rd February 2011
Measuring social sentiments

An interesting meeting today with Kevin North at Sentiment Metrics, which has developed an online tool for tracking social media conversations. Many organisations are eager to get into Twitter and ...

blogs Brand values and the power of PR
Integrated PR - 27th January 2011
Brand values and the power of PR

Corporate sponsorship and brand activation are fine tools for business but they can occasionally put a premium on the quality of the PR support that they receive. Whether it is ...

blogs Topicality: five ways to boost your newsworthiness in 2011
Integrated PR - 27th January 2011
Topicality: five ways to boost your newsworthiness in 2011

Many of the best PR results come from responding to external news stories, rather than simply announcing things that have happened inside your firm.At 80:20, much of our time is ...

blogs Measuring-success2-201×300.jpg
Integrated PR - 29th September 2010
Feel the quality: the latest on measuring PR

In June, we wrote about PR measurement and the various options organisations have for evaluating the impact of their communications. We followed this in July with some breaking news about ...

Trade Show PR - 30th June 2010
PR & measurement: industry update

Following on from our recent post about PR and Measurement, a new global charter of principles for measuring PR was launched last week. The ‘Barcelona Declaration of Research Principles’ was ...

blogs Media interview
Media - 30th June 2010
Learning from McChrystal: are you really ever ‘off the record’?

President Obama’s firing of General Stanley McChrystal has highlighted the uncertainties of ‘off the record’ press briefings. With debate raging between McChrystal’s team and Rolling Stone over the ground rules ...

blogs Measuring-success-200×300.jpg
Integrated PR - 2nd June 2010
Did we win? How to measure success in PR

One of the enduring myths about PR is that you never know if it has worked; that PR and measurement are somehow incompatible. Of course, this is far from the ...

Integrated PR - 28th May 2010
Teaching SMEs about PR

80:20 Communications was invited to present to a group of Guildford-based SMEs last night, who wanted to learn about public relations. The evening was organised by networking group Raw Business ...

Crisis Communications - 29th April 2010
Take heart, Gordon: sometimes a gaffe can be the best PR

Yesterday’s ‘disastrous’ encounter between British prime minister Gordon Brown and forthright voter Gillian Duffy may prove to be a decisive moment in the General Election campaign. Certainly, the PM will ...

Integrated PR - 24th February 2010
Thought leadership: the four magic ingredients

Thought leadership is one of the most effective techniques in public relations. By identifying an issue your customers care about, and sharing your insights into it, you can establish a ...

blogs Law firm thought leadership: it’s not your budget that counts
Financial Services - 18th February 2010
Law firm thought leadership: it’s not your budget that counts

Thought leadership is a well-known concept in legal marketing. Why, then, is it so often done badly, failing to achieve its fundamental objectives? Budgetary constraints are certainly not the reason, ...

blogs Law Firm PR: 10 things every partner should know
Financial Services - 17th February 2010
Law Firm PR: 10 things every partner should know

When it emerged recently that KKR had turned to Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett to advise on its Pets at Home acquisition, rather than long-standing M&A adviser Clifford Chance, the move ...