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Facebook pixel: what is it and why you should use it
blogs Facebook pixel: what is it and why you should use it
Social Media - 26th April 2022
Facebook pixel: what is it and why you should use it

No one can deny the importance of social media for businesses. However, what does differ, is the importance placed on each of the platforms and where efforts should be focused.Many ...

blogs Should I be posting on weekends?
Social Media - 31st January 2022
Should I be posting on weekends?

Social media never stops.  It’s a 24/7 environment regardless of your business. So, a common question is whether your business should be posting on weekends?There are many blogs on when ...

blogs Capturing company b-roll for PR
Social Media - 5th December 2021
What’s the right video length for social media?

With the average person spending up to two and half hours a day on social media, there is only so much content we can consume before we lose interest. 8020 ...

blogs Social media algorithms – how much and how often?
Communications Strategy - 26th October 2021
Social media algorithms – how much and how often?

In today’s digital age, maintaining up to date and consistent messaging across your social media is a key strategy to increase awareness of your company. Social channels are equivalent to ...

blogs red phone2
Social Media - 13th October 2021
five reasons why travel brands should use Clubhouse

We all know the marketing benefits of Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter and LinkedIn. The latest addition to the list of must-have social networks for travel brands is Clubhouse. And ...

blogs Blue bird with speech bubble on keyboard button. Social media concept.
Communications Strategy - 2nd February 2021
Has Trump changed your social media strategy?

 As the furore surrounding Donald Trump’s departure as POTUS subsides, now is the time to start calmly assessing his legacy.Certainly no president sought to exploit social media ...

blogs Woman enjoying freedom on nature outdoors. Travel Slovenia Europe.
Social Media - 6th January 2021
Sustainability and social media – how travel brands demonstrate their green credentials

, 30 secondsBefore COVID-19 hit and travel ground almost to a halt, sustainability was a hot topic across the industry. Although 2020 was extremely challenging for airlines ...

blogs How TikTok became a lockdown sensation and why travel brands should get involved
How-to... - 27th May 2020
How TikTok became a lockdown sensation and why travel brands should get involved

We’re all familiar with the social media platforms Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and, increasingly over our lockdown period, TikTok. The average adult spends over two hours per ...

news Chinese youths play with their smartphones and social media, in Beijing, China. Image shot 2016. Exact date unknown.
Social Media - 23rd September 2019
8020 launches WeChat service

For any travel business targeting Chinese customers, the WeChat social media platform – central to the lives and online spending of more than 1bn monthly users – is vitally important. ...

blogs How to plan a whitepaper
About us - 18th October 2018
checklist for WecChat

China’s most popular messaging app, WeChat, has fast become a vital tool for any business interacting with the Chinese market. With this in mind, we’ve put together a checklist to ...

blogs faqs on WeChat
China PR - 21st September 2018
faqs on WeChat

Thinking of taking up WeChat for your business? Here is our insight into some of the most frequently asked questions about China’s favourite digital platform:What are the different types of ...

blogs Media interview
Crisis Communications - 5th July 2018
Crisis ready: four steps to effective crisis communications management 

1. Preparation is key You simply cannot be too prepared when it comes to crisis management. Sure, you are unlikely to be able to predict the exact scenario you will ...