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7 takeaways from our Advanced Social Media in Travel workshop

Social Media - 3rd February 2023
Panel discussion

8020’s Digital Marketing team recently had the pleasure of running an ‘Advanced Social Media in Travel’ workshop for 50 delegates from ABTA’s member community.

From social media trends and content strategy, to paid social, B2B audiences and analytics, we delivered a day of value and insight. We were also joined by speakers from TikTok, Meta and Contiki’s Gen Z specialist as well as three social media travel influencers to discuss best practice in creating campaigns.

Here are 7 key takeaways from the day:

  1. Strategy: Understand your brand persona and how you want to be seen. This will help when it comes to developing your content strategy. Identify your brand archetype and create a social-specific tone of voice


  1. TikTok: Take time to consider the use of sound in your videos. Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is an important trend on TikTok. As is comedy.


  1. LinkedIn: Use LinkedIn to showcase what it’s like to work at your company for prospective employees, to find and influence customers, and to position your brand as a category leader. LinkedIn Ads should be used for various campaigns, not only B2B – remember, LinkedIn users are consumers too.


  1. AirDrop: Using Apple’s AirDrop is a trend with GenZ as a way of sharing images and video, as opposed to posting on social media, or using messaging apps such as WhatsApp. Think about ways that you can incorporate AirDrop into trips/events to disseminate information or set a competition.


  1. Influencers: When on a press trip, give them time to create their content – don’t fill their day with excursions and meetings as they will not have time to produce.


  1. Analytics: Platforms such as Google Analytics will allow you to track your audience behaviour once they leave your social media channels. Did they begin checkout? Watch a video? Complete a form? How long are they staying?


  1. The future: Although the meaning is still unclear, decentralised networks will likely make an appearance in 2023, with BlueSky currently in beta mode, and Mastodon growing in popularity.


If you would like to receive the full take-away document from the event, please email:

Trudi Beggs