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7 key takeaways from our Advanced Digital Marketing for Travel workshop

Digital marketing - 24th April 2023
7 key takeaways from our Advanced Digital Marketing for Travel workshop

Once again, the 8020 Digital Marketing team were out in force. This time, we hosted ABTA’s Advanced Digital Marketing for Travel workshop, sharing top tips and case studies with the travel industry.

The sessions covered everything from strategy and measurement, to paid social, email marketing and creativity with visual assets.

Our seven key takeaways from the day are:

  1. Do not jump on the latest platform just because you feel like you should. There needs to always be a reason behind each campaign / ad / blog post. Make sure each piece of content is meeting at least one objective and key message.
  2. Chat GPT can be your friend and foe. Utilise it for content creation ideas, or simply to spark a brainstorm. Just remember, relying on it entirely does your marketing an injustice. It uses a mash-up of Google content that lacks personality and is unlikely to aid your SEO efforts.
  3. The content calendar is the killer of creativity. You have to work hard at inspiration, you can’t just wait for it.
  4. Make the most of marketing tools. Facebook Ads Library is a free site on Google to check out your competition’s live adverts across social media.
  5. Marketing is evolving, as are the skills we are expected to hold. While it’s important to be adaptable and understand the different elements that play a part in our marketing activities, it’s ok to specialise in one area.
  6. Content is crucial. With budgets often staying in line with 2022 figures, it’s important to get the basics right and maximise your owned channels.
  7. SEO and PPC are valuable for different reasons. Consider them both when putting together your digital marketing strategy.


If you would like to receive the full take-away document from the event, please email: Or, you can read the 7 takeaways from our Advanced Social Media workshop.

Chiara Balachandran