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Three ‘every day’ digital marketing tactics we use to help our clients outperform

Digital marketing - 13th January 2023
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With so many opportunities to engage your audience online, it can be tricky to know which tactics will work in ‘every day’ digital marketing.

While large-scale, multi-channel campaigns can have immediate impact, it is often the smaller and more targeted approaches that reap the largest ROI reward. This is especially true across the aviation, travel and mobility sectors. Target audiences can vary from thousands of potential holidaymakers, to a select group of 100 business decision makers.

To give you some examples, we looked at recent client projects which used one digital marketing tactic at a time to support wider business objectives.

Reaching new audiences

  • Although having cultivated successful leads through previous email marketing campaigns, one of our aviation client’s latest videos needed to reach a targeted new audience.
    • 8020 used LinkedIn’s advertising capabilities to home in on the precise job titles of those that would be interested in the client’s offering, within the exact industry and locations needed.
    • 8020 identified the strategy for the advertising campaign, created the audience on LinkedIn, drafted copy for the advert, identified a suitable landing page and trackable link, and set the timeframe and budget.
    • The video left 4,400 impressions on our target audience’s newsfeed and was watched to at least halfway 1,084 times. Not only does this demonstrate the relevancy of the content to its intended audience, but it also meant that the cost per view was only £0.12.
    • On top of increased brand awareness, which was the goal of the campaign, there were also 21 clicks through to the selected landing page, equating to a click through rate (CTR) of 0.48%.

Devising a robust organic social strategy

  • For a large transport client, a new inhouse team required a social media strategy.  Designed to meet its core objectives of being a positive promoter for the local community, a source of united messaging for its partners, and improving communication with stakeholders and customers.
    • 8020 developed a strategy exploring the principles, tone of voice and brand archetype of the organisation, plus delved into the content strategy, community management and provided a playbook for use across the company’s chosen social channels.
    • The playbook and strategy are currently being implemented by the client with support and guidance from the 8020 digital marketing team.

Using digital marketing to amplify event attendance

  • Trade shows are a great source of new business for many of our B2B clients. One challenge for a business aviation client of 8020’s was encouraging potential sales leads to visit its booth.
    • In addition to outreach from the client’s sales team, 8020 developed a strategic paid campaign on LinkedIn. The team targeted specific relevant companies and job titles likely to attend the trade show, and during the week of the event, attendees physically located in the vicinity of the show.
    • The campaign generated 8,646 impressions on prospects’ LinkedIn newsfeeds. This led to 33 individuals visiting the sign-up page for a meeting at the trade show.

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Chiara Balachandran