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How will the battle for sustainable tourism be fought?
blogs Aircraft flies along island beach
PR - 13th July 2020
How will the battle for sustainable tourism be fought?

, 30 seconds In January, National Geographic predicted that 2020 would be a year focused on carbon offsetting, eco-friendly properties and ‘microcations’, as travellers aimed to fly less ...

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coronavirus - 30th March 2020
Using video during COVID-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a fast-developing situation, particularly for the aviation industry, affecting airlines and aerospace businesses across the world.  As restrictions on travel to prevent the spread of the virus are enforced, we’ve worked hard to support ...

blogs Navigating the media landscape during COVID-19 
coronavirus - 26th March 2020
Navigating the media landscape during COVID-19 

As business owners, marketeers, PRs – as people – we’ve all become more aware of the need to connect in these isolating times. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought unprecedented changes to our personal lives and the way we work and communicate. Brands and businesses are understandably unsure about what to say and ...

blogs Abu Dhabi 4
Airlines - 25th February 2020
Five days in Abu Dhabi

Five days in Abu Dhabi. Five days to test out the business class product of new client Etihad Airways, immerse ourselves in its business, and tour everything from Etihad’s Engineering Department ...

news Skeyos horizontal
80:20 Communications - 20th June 2019
8020 appointed by online MRO marketplace Skeyos

At 8020 Communications, we love to champion young, innovative businesses and are proud to have been appointed by online MRO marketplace Skeyos to tell the company’s story to the airline ...

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80:20 Communications - 12th June 2019
audit plaudit!

Audits – don’t you love ‘em? To tell the truth, we don’t go running towards them with glee either. However, we’re proud this week to have passed another biennial audit ...

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80:20 Communications - 4th June 2019
an award-winning agency

We are delighted to announce that 8020 Communications has won the award for ‘Outstanding Communication in Business Aviation’ in the 2019 Sapphire Pegasus Awards. Effective communication is critical to driving the ...

blogs In 2019 it’s time for more women to feature on podiums – in panel speaking and discussions
Blogging - 16th January 2019
friends, romans, countrymen – lend women your ears

This time last year, in the midst of #MeToo and Time’s Up, we spoke about why female voices matter in the media, and how using female spokespeople in articles and ...

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About us - 18th October 2018
checklist for WecChat

China’s most popular messaging app, WeChat, has fast become a vital tool for any business interacting with the Chinese market. With this in mind, we’ve put together a checklist to ...

blogs faqs on WeChat
China PR - 21st September 2018
faqs on WeChat

Thinking of taking up WeChat for your business? Here is our insight into some of the most frequently asked questions about China’s favourite digital platform:What are the different types of ...

blogs introducing WeChat – in a nutshell
China PR - 23rd August 2018
introducing WeChat – in a nutshell

Our China PR expert, Esther Molina,  takes a look at China’s most influential digital platformMany people outside of China will have heard of WeChat and its efforts to take over ...

blogs a typical day in the life of a travel PR specialist
About us - 16th August 2018
a typical day in the life of a travel PR specialist

As an agency specialising in aviation, travel and transport, we all have a natural passion for travel and, as a result, have collectively visited more than 90 countries. Being able ...