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The rise of social media – a partner in PR
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80:20 Communications - 11th February 2016
The rise of social media – a partner in PR

Social media has flipped PR on its head.Public relations, communications, spin – people have been managing images and reputations since time began. While Roman emperors didn’t share photographs of their ...

blogs Five tips for newsworthy photography
80:20 Communications - 5th February 2016
Five tips for newsworthy photography

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so it’s no surprise that the media love a good photo. It can be the difference between getting your story published…or not. ...

Integrated PR - 15th June 2011
Smart ideas for corporate social media

The ever-dependable Econsultancy has posted a great article by Matt Rhodes that discusses how employers should approach social media. It is an intelligently-written piece that doesn’t merely say that social ...

Technology - 3rd February 2011
Facebook Places Deals, expert comment on ancillary services

The launch of ‘Facebook Places Deals’ has brought real-time location-based marketing to a potential audience of 500 million people. Janet Titterton, director at Collinson Latitude, a global provider of ancillary ...

Integrated PR - 26th January 2011
Social media guidelines

Social media continues to evolve, but out of the trial and error of recent years a form of etiquette has emerged for this online world. With more companies now getting ...

Miscellaneous - 10th August 2010
Facebook usage snapshot

Nielsen has produced some interesting research into social network usage, with particular emphasis on Facebook’s current domination. Click here to see the figures.

Press Releases - 27th April 2010
IT Governance Launches Social Media Strategy Toolkit

Infosecurity Europe 2010, London, 27 April, 2010 – IT Governance (ITG), the one-stop shop for compliance expertise, is today launching a comprehensive Social Media Governance Toolkit at Infosecurity Europe 2010.The ...

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Integrated PR - 24th March 2010
Blogging: why bother?

There are early signs that Twitter has reached its peak, with user growth slowing significantly. Meanwhile, Gartner says that email is also on the wane, projecting that by 2014 20% ...

Integrated PR - 24th March 2010
Top tips for better blogging

Whether you are planning your first post or looking to refresh a corporate blog with an existing following, there are three key questions to ask yourself:What do you want the ...

Aviation - 24th February 2010
Succeeding with Twitter: WestJet shows how

Stephen Joyce at Tnooz has written an excellent post about Canadian airline WestJet and how it is using Twitter to great effect for customer communications.Key points covered include:Before you plunge ...

blogs Google creates a new Buzz
Media - 17th February 2010
Google creates a new Buzz

On 9 February Google launched Buzz, its new social media portal, integrated within Gmail. Since its announcement Buzz has been the topic of a multitude of blog posts, and it ...

blogs Your PR in 2010: five things to watch
Integrated PR - 25th November 2009
Your PR in 2010: five things to watch

With Thanksgiving and the festive season upon us, this is the time to be fine-tuning your PR plans for 2010. Whatever your business, there are a number of factors to ...