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Sustainability: how to showcase your efforts on social media
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Sustainability - 4th July 2022
Sustainability: how to showcase your efforts on social media

With air passenger journeys set to double within 20 years according to IATA, sustainability remains a huge challenge.In our latest video, 8020 operations director Kate Beveridge looks at:Why social media ...

e-books Guide to sustainability e-book
Sustainability - 19th January 2022
Guide to sustainability e-book

Sustainability is firmly on the international agenda and, as aviation, travel and mobility communications specialists, we are working with our clients’ brands to develop and execute robust sustainability propositions and ...

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Communications Strategy - 23rd August 2021
b2b travel companies: are you making yourself heard?

As the travel industry slowly sees opportunities to recover, B2B travel companies are looking to market new solutions, collaborate and to help with that recovery. Over the past 18 months, ...

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Aviation - 28th April 2021
Aviation and sustainability: the terms you need to know

The United Nations describes climate change as the “defining issue of our time.” That’s why at 8020, we’re here to help aviation professionals navigate what being a sustainable business really means and communicate that journey.  In this ...

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Communications Strategy - 19th February 2021
eVTOLs: a communications challenge as much as a technical one

 Some elements of animated sitcom The Jetsons are not that far off becoming reality. Emphasis on the word some – we’re not THAT pessimistic about our current ...

blogs Planes may soon be powered by sustainable fuel
Aviation - 3rd February 2021
The UK’s Jet Zero Council and Sustainable Aviation Fuel

, 30 seconds   Before Covid-19, the reporting of the world’s leading aviation and transport correspondents was dominated by another issue – sustainability. Airlines, travel providers and transport ...

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Social Media - 6th January 2021
Sustainability and social media – how travel brands demonstrate their green credentials

, 30 secondsBefore COVID-19 hit and travel ground almost to a halt, sustainability was a hot topic across the industry. Although 2020 was extremely challenging for airlines ...

blogs Public transport during Covid-19
Sustainability - 24th November 2020
The future of public transport: has 2020 changed our habits for the better?

During the depths of the first lockdown, train use was at only 4% of usual capacity, and as I write in lockdown two, the figure is just ...

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Aviation - 1st October 2020
The business aviation ‘reformation’ – where next?

 With an emphasis on privacy, safety and control, it’s no wonder that business aviation has been attracting media attention throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. But, it was ...

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coronavirus - 13th August 2020
Car club schemes: short-term COVID travel solution or sustainable alternative to car ownership?

, 30 seconds During the COVID-19 lockdown car use fell by 80% and many people, myself included, started to consider whether they still needed a car. Both for ...

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PR - 13th July 2020
How will the battle for sustainable tourism be fought?

, 30 seconds In January, National Geographic predicted that 2020 would be a year focused on carbon offsetting, eco-friendly properties and ‘microcations’, as travellers aimed to fly less ...

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News - 7th July 2020
What are the new rules for e-scooters in the UK?

 On 4th July 2020, electric scooter trials were allowed on UK roads for the first time under Government-approved plans to fast-track e-scooter legalisation. As specialists in sustainable ...