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Sustainability: how to showcase your efforts on social media

Sustainability - 4th July 2022
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With air passenger journeys set to double within 20 years according to IATA, sustainability remains a huge challenge.

In our latest video, 8020 operations director Kate Beveridge looks at:

  • Why social media is a great tool for travel companies
  • Sharing ideas of how to decarbonise the travel industry and build strong communities that share this aim
  • Using visual platforms like Instagram and TikTok and partnering with sustainability influencers



Kate’s top tips:

  • Generation Z is now in the workforce. Generation Alpha is already heavily influenced online. Brands need to be looking at how to showcase their sustainability efforts on social media
  • Instagram by far leads the way with influencers, with more than 3,000 posts under the hashtag sustainable travel
  • Engaging in sustainability on social media must form part of a travel brand’s wider strategy
  • A core element for a travel brand to highlight its commitment is by working with influencers to reach their already engaged audiences
  • Travel brands should use Instagram and TikTok to highlight green campaigns that are running


Read more about 8020’s sustainability communications service.

Kate Beveridge