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Social media algorithms – how much and how often?
blogs Social media algorithms – how much and how often?
Communications Strategy - 26th October 2021
Social media algorithms – how much and how often?

In today’s digital age, maintaining up to date and consistent messaging across your social media is a key strategy to increase awareness of your company. Social channels are equivalent to ...

blogs Little boy with newsboy cap shouting on old fashioned megaphone
Communications Strategy - 23rd August 2021
b2b travel companies: are you making yourself heard?

As the travel industry slowly sees opportunities to recover, B2B travel companies are looking to market new solutions, collaborate and to help with that recovery. Over the past 18 months, ...

blogs Email subscribe, online newsletter vector template with plane and submit button for website. Modern vector illustration
Communications Strategy - 14th July 2021
Should public relations be targeting Substack newsletters?

The newsletter publishing platform Substack has been cropping up in more conversations lately, and when something gets namechecked on the BBC Americast podcast it’s a sign of ...

blogs Capturing company b-roll for PR
Communications Strategy - 3rd June 2021
Why you need company b-roll

Many businesses would love to be featured on TV, but it’s surprising how few make the small investment in b-roll that might get them there. Our 8020 Video PR specialist ...

blogs A rendering of the Horizon Aircraft Cavorite X5 hybrid eVTOL in flight
Communications Strategy - 19th February 2021
eVTOLs: a communications challenge as much as a technical one

 Some elements of animated sitcom The Jetsons are not that far off becoming reality. Emphasis on the word some – we’re not THAT pessimistic about our current ...

blogs Blue bird with speech bubble on keyboard button. Social media concept.
Communications Strategy - 2nd February 2021
Has Trump changed your social media strategy?

 As the furore surrounding Donald Trump’s departure as POTUS subsides, now is the time to start calmly assessing his legacy.Certainly no president sought to exploit social media ...

blogs close up on man hand using tab pad on laptop to working about futuristic of social media marketing icon for internet network technology and business concept
Communications Strategy - 20th October 2020
covid and PR strategy: how to connect with your audiences in 2021

No one really knows what shape the ‘new normal’ will take when the economy finally recovers from the impact of coronavirus…but smart companies aren’t waiting to find ...

blogs Wearing a medical face mask for winter viruses
Best Management Practice - 13th March 2020
Coronavirus: fight panic with reliable information

The coronavirus pandemic and its economic impact are creating a challenging time for many aviation, travel and transport businesses. As we recently commented to PR Week, panic is more infectious ...

blogs Man and woman on set for a TV interview, focus on
80:20 Communications - 25th September 2019
Why video needs to be a part of your PR strategy

It’s been an exciting month at 8020 Communications, as we officially launched our in-house video production team; providing high-quality and affordable filming and editing services to meet all your travel ...

blogs Lion Sands, Kenya Sleep under the stars (medium)
Communications Strategy - 25th March 2019
five things we learned at ABTA’s Luxury Travel Conference

Last week, 8020 attended ABTA’s Luxury Travel Conference in London to hear all about the latest trends in travel marketing and what defines a luxury traveller. It was a fascinating ...

blogs quote-chalk-think-words-1024×683.jpg
Communications Strategy - 29th November 2018
lift your travel PR programme with these press trip alternatives  

In a travel PR programme, hosting a press trip is a fantastic way to engage the media with your brand’s product or service. They typically yield excellent coverage and give ...

blogs Facebook main webpage on the browser
Agency insights - 27th March 2018
internal communications: where facebook’s influence will be lasting

Facebook is currently under intense fire for its role in and response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This event seems a turning point in how positively many users feel about ...