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8020 receives PRCA CMS Gold Award

Awards - 14th October 2022

We’re delighted to be named a Gold holder of the PRCA’s Communications Management Standard – but what is that, and why should you care?

All PRCA member agencies are audited annually on their business processes. This is to ensure they are well run agencies that will uphold the best practice standards that the PRCA expects to see. That commitment is important to client service and also to the reputation of the industry as a whole.

We’ve now completed more than 10 years of successful PRCA audits, which is what the Gold award signifies. It demonstrates we’ve been serious about investing in quality over the long-term, both in terms of money and time.

As I’ve written before, the audit process is rigorous and entails a lot of work. And let’s face it – few people run headlong towards an audit with a big smile. However, with each audit that passes, we’ve always learnt something new to run our business better.

What worked well when we were a smaller agency isn’t always right for today’s larger firm (now 16 people and counting). For example, this year we’ve invested in a new training strategy, social listening technology and an upgraded financial management system.

Also, it’s important to keep pace with changing expectations in society and business. Among other things, our latest audit examined our diversity strategy, something else we’ve done a lot of work on lately.

We really want to be a superb agency in all respects and that is a journey that never ends. The audit provides an invaluable discipline to keep us on our toes.

A big thank you to PRCA director general Francis Ingham for his kind words: “Congratulations to 8020 Communications for ten years of achieving the PRCA’s Communication Management Standard. This award recognises a decade-long commitment to promoting best practice and ethical communications in an agency setting. The audit demonstrated a thorough approach to client management, diversity, business development, and an excellent use of online platforms. Good work, 8020.”

If you want to learn more about how we run our business, get in touch.

Marc Cornelius