Web Manuals: Helping an aviation tech vendor scale to global leadership

Aviation Case Study
Web Manuals: Helping an aviation tech vendor scale to global leadership
The Challenge

Since 2013, 8020 has worked with Swedish start-up Web Manuals to promote its digitised solution for managing and sharing aviation manuals. Throughout, we have supported the company’s growth by educating business aviation and airline prospects about the compliance, time and cost advantages of replacing paper-based processes with Web Manuals’ cloud-based technology. As the company has scaled, our challenge has included breaking into new geographic markets, addressing new potential use cases and finding ever more reasons to make Web Manuals relevant to customers’ concerns.

The Approach

To create ongoing topicality and practical insight for customers, we constantly monitor the regulatory landscape, pinpointing opportunities for Web Manuals to demonstrate authority and expertise on emerging issues and compliance management.

Through exclusive editorial stories, news announcements, case studies and social media content, we have enabled Web Manuals to secure prominence in 2020-21 on issues as diverse as the re-entry into service of the Boeing 737 MAX, EASA’s ADS-B transponder fitment deadline, Covid-19 regulatory changes, Brexit complications and changing cargo supply chain regulations.


The Results

In 2020, despite the immense disruption and uncertainty caused by the pandemic, we achieved 97 pieces of highly targeted media coverage for Web Manuals. Placements included LARA, Aircraft IT Operations, Ground Support Worldwide, Flight International, Inflight, Arabian Aerospace and Airline Cargo Management. In the time we have worked together, we are proud to have helped Web Manuals grow from a company serving 30 predominantly European customers to one with more than 400 customers worldwide.