Technical SEO partner case study: Developing a superior sales and conversion funnel

Mobility Case Study
The Challenge

The team began working with Fujifilm in 2017, taking over digital activity from a large London agency who had not delivered any significant SEO, PPC, or lead generation results over the previous three years.

The Approach

The team managed all digital marketing, SEO, online lead generation, paid media, PPC, website development, tracking, data, and website maintenance for the company, with SEO and PPC activity covering the UK and 10 different countries within Europe, running localised and multilingual ads campaigns in each territory, and localised SEO campaigns.

Reporting directly to the European Head of Communications & Sales Enablement, our core areas of focus were to increase visibility on Google for the brand and the entire product range, and specifically digital lead generation and product sales across Europe.

We rebuilt the website in 2019, reoptimised the site for core target rankings, corrected technical, SEO and data issues, supported Fujifilm with the implementation of its Marketo and Salesforce systems, and launched the multilingual PPC campaigns across Europe.

The current updated version of the site was launched in 2023 to deliver an improved user experience, enhanced Google rankings, and a superior sales and conversion funnel  

The Results

The site now outranks the main corporate Fujifilm Europe (and the global) website for key target keywords and topics on Google, and the digital lead generation activity now outperforms all other sales channels run by Fujifilm Print Europe, including exhibitions/trade shows/print/online media, with a lower cost per acquisition (CPA) and a significantly greater ROI.

 “Over the last seven years, the team have increasing become invaluable in implementing a multi-national, multi-company digital transformation. Initially contracted to assist with SEO and develop an additional website to cover a growing product offering.

Now the team are an integral part of global campaigning, providing advice at all points from planning through implementation to analysis. Most recently, developing and managing multiple paid advertising campaigns, in over 10 languages, across a variety of platforms and providing us with ongoing analysis in order to get the most out of our efforts. We view the team as an extension of our own.“

Sara Carter, EMEA Campaigns Manager, Fujifilm Graphic Systems Europe