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Chelsea Nagrey

Account Executive
Chelsea Nagrey
Chelsea joined 8020 in September 2022 after achieving a First Class (Hons) Law LLB degree from the University of East Anglia

At university, she was Team Leader in the Justice Project—focused on investigating serious alleged miscarriages of justice. Her contribution to the project led to her nomination for the Eric McGraw Award given to a single student in the UK who has made the most significant impact on a case.

Additionally, she completed an internship at a communications company in London and worked with clients in the technology and consumer sector.

During the pandemic, she co-founded a storytelling initiative to help people in her hometown who were deeply impacted. The initiative ended up raising a significant amount of money for the homeless and other ongoing charities as well as publicize people’s livelihood and businesses. In the marketing team, she adopted Canva as a creative tool and learnt marketing techniques on social platforms which she applies in her work at 8020 today.

At 8020, Chelsea works with a range of clients across the aviation and mobility industries.

Chelsea Nagrey