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How does reactive media relations build your reputation?
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Communications Strategy - 20th October 2015
How does reactive media relations build your reputation?

News desks around the world are operating with ever-thinning staff numbers, and an ever-increasing pressure to churn out fast and accurate news stories. In an era of 24-hour news, journalists ...

Integrated PR - 23rd July 2015
The secrets to great press release writing

Press releases are key tools in any PR programme, so it’s vital to write them well. Good press releases can get you noticed, understood and written about; poorly-written releases will, ...

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Integrated PR - 18th June 2015
Storytelling in PR: five steps to a happy ending

As a way of explaining your business, storytelling can be a very effective approach. Properly told, a business story can create colour and interest in a way your audience will ...

blogs The News of the World could easily have been saved
Media - 8th July 2011
The News of the World could easily have been saved

Regardless of whether the News of the World is your sort of newspaper, until recent days it has been a highly valuable asset. Add together the paper’s 168-year history, its ...

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Media - 2nd November 2010
Handling media interviews: 10 dos and don’ts

Many executives remain uncertain how to handle themselves in a media interview. Here are 80:20’s top 10 tips for successful media encounters.1. Have an objective for the interview. Know what ...

Media - 4th March 2010
Media relations and how not to do it

Thanks to the Bad Pitch Blog for this hilarious post about embargoes, which does for media relations what The Office did for working life. It’s funny because it’s painfully close ...

Integrated PR - 22nd February 2010
The snowball effect

We’re being absolutely snowed under with media demands for IT Governance at the moment and, in particular, the views of company chief executive Alan Calder. (Earlier in the year we ...

blogs Law Firm PR: 10 things every partner should know
Financial Services - 17th February 2010
Law Firm PR: 10 things every partner should know

When it emerged recently that KKR had turned to Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett to advise on its Pets at Home acquisition, rather than long-standing M&A adviser Clifford Chance, the move ...

blogs Your PR in 2010: five things to watch
Integrated PR - 25th November 2009
Your PR in 2010: five things to watch

With Thanksgiving and the festive season upon us, this is the time to be fine-tuning your PR plans for 2010. Whatever your business, there are a number of factors to ...

blogs At the Dubai Airshow
Aviation - 15th November 2009
At the Dubai Airshow

We’re out at the Dubai Airshow to manage media relations for Cessna.A lot has changed since we were last here 12 months ago, but Dubai’s still standing, if noticeably quieter. ...

Media - 26th October 2009
Think (twice) before you speak

All fans of English football will clearly remember Kevin Keegan’s “I will love it if we beat them!” outburst toward the end of the 1995/96 season. As manager of Newcastle ...

Financial Services - 25th September 2009
Rapid response PR: IT Governance takes on the Tories

The other day, the Conservative Party announced their policy on data protection and the role of the Information Commissioner. This prompted what became a case study in rapid response PR ...