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Blogging: why bother?
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Integrated PR - 24th March 2010
Blogging: why bother?

There are early signs that Twitter has reached its peak, with user growth slowing significantly. Meanwhile, Gartner says that email is also on the wane, projecting that by 2014 20% ...

Integrated PR - 24th March 2010
Top tips for better blogging

Whether you are planning your first post or looking to refresh a corporate blog with an existing following, there are three key questions to ask yourself:What do you want the ...

Media - 4th March 2010
Media relations and how not to do it

Thanks to the Bad Pitch Blog for this hilarious post about embargoes, which does for media relations what The Office did for working life. It’s funny because it’s painfully close ...

blogs Taking the brave pills: companies plunging into social media
Integrated PR - 30th October 2009
Taking the brave pills: companies plunging into social media

With the number of Facebook and Twitter users growing exponentially, it’s not hard to see why social media is high on many marketing agendas. The belief that “there’s gold in ...

Integrated PR - 6th October 2009
Media Moves: The Wall Street Journal Online (

Lauren Mills has joined, the Europe edition of The Wall Street Journal Online (, as editor, real-time analysis, to launch The Source - a blog giving insight into the day’s ...

Integrated PR - 5th August 2009
Express Yourself: The well-informed approach to writing

We are often asked by our clients for advice on matters of grammar and punctuation. Even the strongest ideas can appear weak when presented poorly. Clumsy writing is especially damaging ...

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Integrated PR - 11th March 2009
Blogger engagement decision tree

Thanks to Bill Boyle of WHB Communications for pointing out this excellent guide from the US Air Force on how to engage with bloggers.  It neatly encapsulates all the issues ...