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OAG Welcomes Sale Of Business To Electra Partners

Aviation - 12th April 2013

Luton, UK, 12 April 2013: OAG, the market leader in aviation intelligence, welcomes its acquisition by Electra Partners, a leading private equity firm, from former parent company UBM plc.

Phil Callow, chief executive officer, OAG says: “The sale of OAG allows the company to fully capitalise on its competitive advantages. As an independent business, OAG is now excellently placed to extend its position as a leader in the world of global aviation data and intelligence.

“Our customers will benefit from new ownership, as it presents us with a welcome opportunity to accelerate the development of new products and deliver even greater overall value for our growing markets around the world.”

OAG is the industry’s trusted source for aviation information and analytical services. OAG’s leading aviation databases are unrivalled in their scale, accuracy and comprehensiveness and are integral to the world’s aviation industry operations.