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Car club schemes: short-term COVID travel solution or sustainable alternative to car ownership?
blogs Car clubs can reduce private vehicle ownership
coronavirus - 13th August 2020
Car club schemes: short-term COVID travel solution or sustainable alternative to car ownership?

, 30 seconds During the COVID-19 lockdown car use fell by 80% and many people, myself included, started to consider whether they still needed a car. Both for ...

blogs Business aviation
Aviation - 14th May 2020
Three reasons why business aviation will lead the bounce back from Covid-19

Since Covid-19 transformed our world, it’s been a bumpy ride for the aviation industry. Willie Walsh, CEO of British Airways’ parent company IAG, has dubbed coronavirus the ...

blogs Video can help you engage with broadcast journalists
80:20 Communications - 9th April 2020
How to record a video update

In the midst of the near global lockdown caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it can be hard to keep conversation flowing with your customers, stakeholders, partners and staff. With ...

blogs Man and woman on set for a TV interview, focus on
coronavirus - 30th March 2020
Using video during COVID-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a fast-developing situation, particularly for the aviation industry, affecting airlines and aerospace businesses across the world.  As restrictions on travel to prevent the spread of the virus are enforced, we’ve worked hard to support ...

blogs Navigating the media landscape during COVID-19 
coronavirus - 26th March 2020
Navigating the media landscape during COVID-19 

As business owners, marketeers, PRs – as people – we’ve all become more aware of the need to connect in these isolating times. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought unprecedented changes to our personal lives and the way we work and communicate. Brands and businesses are understandably unsure about what to say and ...

blogs Wearing a medical face mask for winter viruses
Best Management Practice - 13th March 2020
Coronavirus: fight panic with reliable information

The coronavirus pandemic and its economic impact are creating a challenging time for many aviation, travel and transport businesses. As we recently commented to PR Week, panic is more infectious ...