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connecting with the ATI: an interview with founding chairman Stephen Henwood
blogs Aerial shot of Cyprus from airplane window.
Agency insights - 3rd December 2021
connecting with the ATI: an interview with founding chairman Stephen Henwood

The Aerospace Technology Institute is a collaboration between the UK Government and the private sector to create a strategic framework and investment for the country’s aerospace industry. The organisation is ...

blogs Sunset on the horizon
Agency insights - 23rd March 2021
Travel on the horizon: How to build consumer confidence?

With increasing hope that 2021 will see a gradual return of foreign and domestic travel, ABTA’s Travel Marketing & PR Conference this month was well timed. The ...

blogs EVs – the future of zero emissions motoring
Agency insights - 4th June 2020
Rising demand, falling prices? A critical moment for EVs

, 30 As the diesel car market collapses across Europe, now is surely the moment to press home to the public the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs).In the ...

blogs Video can help you engage with broadcast journalists
80:20 Communications - 9th April 2020
How to record a video update

In the midst of the near global lockdown caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it can be hard to keep conversation flowing with your customers, stakeholders, partners and staff. With ...

blogs Interview with microphone
Agency insights - 11th July 2019
What is the best media training tip you have ever been given?

This week, I asked some of our travel, transport and aviation clients: “What is the best media training tip you have ever been given?”A simple question, but the responses demonstrated the ...

blogs Friends talking at cafe table during coffee break. Unrecognizable male and female colleagues discussing business issues, focus on coffee cup with saucer and teaspoon
Agency insights - 29th April 2019
how can travel PRs exhibit stronger media relations skills?

As communications professionals, a key part of our day-to-day lives involves liaising directly with journalists. Here at 8020, as a specialist travel PR agency with a focus across aviation, travel technology and ...

blogs Airplane in flight
Agency insights - 18th March 2019
737 Max: Boeing’s communications needs to build goodwill with pilots

Boeing is experiencing its worst crisis in decades, after two crashes involving its new and relatively unproven 737 Max aircraft. Immediately after the latest accident, Boeing’s media response followed best ...

blogs travel PR insight: the importance of colour in branding
Agency insights - 16th November 2018
travel PR insight: the importance of colour in branding

The use of colour in branding is a topic that has been widely disputed for decades. However, in travel PR, we know that many people will make an instant association ...

blogs Facebook main webpage on the browser
Agency insights - 27th March 2018
internal communications: where facebook’s influence will be lasting

Facebook is currently under intense fire for its role in and response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This event seems a turning point in how positively many users feel about ...

blogs Woman spokesperson
Agency insights - 27th February 2018
why female voices matter in the media

When it comes to women in the media, we are at a turning point.Hollywood figures have been putting their privileged position on the world stage to good use, and bringing ...

blogs Business teamwork
Agency insights - 25th February 2018
in a world of content marketing, why do we still need pr?

Marketing is always adapting.  Even in the years since I studied the subject at university, the industry has changed dramatically. Then, the focus was very much on advertising and product ...

blogs Trust
Agency insights - 19th May 2017
trust, Trump and the value of honesty in pr

If you are ever caught lying, people find it hard to trust you again. That’s an indisputable fact. And when trust, like a good reputation, takes years to build, you ...