Aerogility: Using digital marketing to reach niche B2B audiences

Aviation Case Study
The Challenge

With a niche and specialist audience, the communications campaigns that 8020 creates for model-based AI company Aerogility must be targeted, highly relevant and immediately engaging to be effective.

After completing a case study with Aerogility’s customer, low-cost carrier easyJet, we were tasked with getting the content, and its key messages in front of other potential airline prospects, specifically those who deal directly with aircraft maintenance forecasting and planning and IT procurement.

Although working with the trade media would reach a wide and interested aviation audience, we chose to utilise LinkedIn’s advertising platform to create an incredibly tailored social media campaign.

The Approach

Using LinkedIn, we were able to target specific job titles within the industries Aerogility operates in, which meant we could ensure that the messaging was relevant to them and their role. We created two separate graphics for the advert, allowing us to compare engagement levels, and prepared copy to entice users to read more.

With a relatively small audience to target, we were able to work within a set budget, and generate a real return on Aerogility’s investment.

The Results

The campaign led to 2,849 impressions on our target audience’s news feed, and an average click through rate of 1.09%, well above the LinkedIn average of 0.44- 0.66%. Of those who clicked through to the case study housed on Aerogility’s website, 25% explored the website further, visiting the homepage, product overview page and leadership page. Average session duration for all users from this campaign was 1 minute and 38 seconds.

Using social advertising tools to reach niche audiences means we know that the people who viewed, clicked on and engaged with our content had the right job title in the right industry to support Aerogility’s business growth objectives for 2023 and beyond.