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why trade PR is an essential part of a marketing strategy

Content Marketing - 8th June 2018
why trade PR is an essential part of a marketing strategy

Although it can often be overlooked, achieving coverage in trade publications is hugely beneficial when establishing a brand’s identity within its industry and promoting its news to the right people.

In contrast to well-known consumer titles with a wider audience, trade publications are more targeted towards their specific audience, so the information they contain can be extremely influential. A niche audience with a genuine interest in your industry is a valuable readership, and with regular mentions in trade journals, organisations gain name recognition with industry leaders on a national scale. This, in turn, can drive traffic to your business.

However, this is not to say that trade PR is limited to the bounds of industry-specific magazines. In fact trade publicity can often lead to coverage in mainstream media outlets. As content in trade publications is usually written by industry experts, mainstream journalists can rely on the information to be extensive and accurate, making these original articles a certified and trusted source for their stories. Furthermore, when selling news into mainstream media outlets, trade coverage can really bolster the credibility and value of the story.

Earlier this year, 8020’s London Biggin Hill Airport team successfully pitched in a story announcing plans for a new London Aerospace and Technology College to London’s Evening Standard, achieving fantastic coverage circulated to almost 900,000 Londoners. Pitching the story to this well-read newspaper was facilitated by already having coverage in trade publications such as European Business Aviation News, Business Airport International and Flyer.

Do not discount the value of trade PR and the recognition it can bring to your business, both within and beyond your industry. You never know where your story might appear next…