Joss Tantram

Senior Sustainability Consultant

Joss is a founding partner at sustainability and systems consultancy Terrafiniti LLP and a senior adviser to 8020 clients. He is an expert in sustainable strategy, management, training and reporting, with more than 25 years’ experience with commercial and not-for-profit organisations in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

An innovator in corporate sustainability, Joss has written publications considered source books on the business case for sustainability and on sustainability and corporate strategy. He combines technical knowledge with passion and a track record of creative problem solving.

Joss is the author of a wide range of practical guidance for sustainability professionals as well as the Towards 9 Billion book series – presenting big, playful, hopeful ideas for a sustainable, equitable future. He is also a Director in WBCSD’s Redefining Value team, focusing upon the evolution of sustainable business, sustainable value and capital market innovations.

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