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RocketRoute Launches Low-Cost Revolution In Pilot Support Services

Aviation - 22nd March 2011
RocketRoute Launches Low-Cost Revolution In Pilot Support Services

New business unveils internet-based, Europe-wide general aviation flight support

London, March 22 2011: UK-based RocketRoute is today launching a comprehensive online flight support service, for general aviation pilots across Europe, at a fraction of current industry prices.

RocketRoute members will receive 24/7 support across all aspects of flight planning, filing and management, covering both instrument flight rules (IFR) and visual flight rules (VFR). The ‘AutoRouter’ facility, for example, allows the pilot to enter the aerodromes of departure and arrival into the system and automatically be presented with a fuel-efficient IFR route. All suggested routes are pre-validated with EUROCONTROL for easy filing and can save up to 20% on fuel compared to established alternative routes.

Further RocketRoute member benefits include:

  • automatic creation of a completed flight log, with all navigation points for the trip, when the fuel information for the aircraft is entered;
  • provision of up-to-date approach plates (instrument approach procedures) for IFR flights;
  • alerts on the latest notices to airmen (NoTAMs) and weather conditions (en route METAR/TAF);
  • multiple language support, including German and Spanish;
  • slot coordination, including SMS alerts;
  • a 24/7 operations team, available on a telephone hotline for flight planning, worldwide bespoke trip preparation and emergencies, complementing the online service;
  • recommendations for a fixed base operator at a particular aerodrome, and;
  • hotel and taxi booking.

Kurt Lyall, co-founder of RocketRoute, says: “The low costs involved in running an online service mean we can offer IFR subscriptions from just €120 a year, and VFR subscriptions from just €60 a year, practically 10% of equivalent services on the market. Furthermore, pilots can easily access RocketRoute through multiple channels – from planning the most fuel-efficient route on a desktop computer at home, through to receiving last-minute weather updates on a mobile phone, sitting in the cockpit on the ramp before takeoff.

“We launched RocketRoute on a trial basis in October 2010 and the response has been extraordinarily positive. Every GA pilot, however experienced, can enjoy the benefits. We’ve already processed over 27,000 routes, and filed more than 2,500 flight plans, for pilots based in nearly 70 countries, flying over 80 aircraft types. This level of success gives us absolute confidence in our full launch today.

“Every motorist wants the peace of mind that comes from membership of a support organisation like the AA or RAC. Why should GA pilots be any different?”

A free, 14-day RocketRoute trial on an unlimited basis is available.