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OAG Unveils Next Generation Tool For Flight Connections Analysis

Aviation - 13th May 2013

Luton, UK, 13 May 2013: OAG, the market leader in aviation intelligence, has launched OAG Connections Analyzer, an innovative tool that generates accurate flight connections information based on real-time data.

The first product of its kind, OAG Connections Analyser makes use of OAG’s global schedules data to deliver the industry’s most advanced flight connections engine. It is part of the Analyser suite, which also includes OAG Schedules Analyser and OAG Mapper and is now available as an all-in-one online portal, allowing concurrent access to all three modules. The OAG Analyser suite provides the tools which analysts need to identify trends, spot commercial opportunities and monitor competitor activity.

Users of Connections Analyser are able to analyse the benefits of altering existing flight schedules and explore the viability of potential new services through the creation of ‘phantom’ flights, which can be compared to existing services.

Connections Analyser is the only product that offers connections analysis data on single and double connections while utilising Minimum Connect Times (MCT) Exception Tables. This enables network planners, scheduling teams and aviation consultants to evaluate carrier and airport networks that involve multiple connections for the first time. Users will also include airport marketing and commercial teams, tourist boards and government bodies.

In the next stage of development, low-cost carriers’ connections will be added to the tool, allowing users to build flights based on either the International Air Transport Association (IATA) connections rule, low-cost connections, or both. This will provide the industry with a new way of analysing the impact of low-cost carriers and the growing trend of customers building their own connections.

Rob Shaw, director of analytics, OAG, says: “Having access to real-time, easy to interpret data is absolutely essential in the aviation industry and this is exactly what Connections Analyser provides. As this product makes use of OAG MCT Exception Tables, as opposed to using default industry data on connecting times, it takes into account real-world timings and restriction codes, making it the most reliable connections tool of its kind in the industry.”