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OAG Delivers ‘Analyser’ To African Airlines Association

Aviation - 3rd September 2012

London, September 3, 2012: OAG, the global flight information provider, is strengthening the company’s commitment to African aviation by providing the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) with the industry-leading ‘OAG Analyser’ tool.

‘OAG Analyser’ is an easy-to-use online tool for extracting real meaning and insight from airline schedules data. By interrogating OAG’s industry-leading databases, the tool brings an unprecedented level of advanced data analysis functionality, offering AFRAA rapid access to detailed reports ranging from airline and airport route development trends to aircraft usage patterns.

Rob Shaw, OAG’s director of analytics, says: “Airline capacity in Africa is increasing by an average of 5% a year and the average GDP growth rate in the continent is also at 5%, which shows the market offers encouraging potential and signs of growth. By providing AFRAA with OAG Analyser to help with the association’s market research, we’re pleased to assist the region’s industry in better understanding how to meet the demands of that growth.”

Alongside the ‘Analyser’ deal, OAG has joined AFRAA’s partnership programme. Raphael Kuuchi, Director, Commercial/Corporate & Industry Affairs, AFRAA, says: “The African Airlines Association is pleased to welcome OAG into our partnership programme. As a major global processor and distributor of flight schedules data, travel planners, flight timetables, flight network mapping software, business travel planning products, aviation market reports and flight schedules analysis tools for the passenger and cargo markets, OAG’s partnership with AFRAA will help African airlines access all these solutions. Working with OAG will assist African airlines in reaching every market with their networks and services easily and cost-effectively.”