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8020 appointed by MaaS tech-enabler, SkedGo

Transport - 9th February 2020
8020 appointed by MaaS tech-enabler, SkedGo

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) sees the integration of multiple modes of transport into a single mobility service accessible on demand, allowing for everything from journey planning to ticket purchase, bike hire and parking, all in one app. 

At 8020, keeping track of exciting and relevant new trends in transport is a passion of ours and so, we’re excited to be working with MaaS tech-enabler SkedGo, promoting conversations about sustainable transport and its role in reducing carbon emissions. SkedGo has been a leader in this space since 2009, simplifying urban travel, as well as tackling climate change and promoting sustainable methods of doing so. 

At its heart, MaaS is about encouraging passengers away from their private cars and towards public transport, whilst improving travel for those with a disability or specific mobility needs. With sustainability and climate change such important topics, 8020 is tasked with engaging with the transport industry about the opportunities that MaaS provides, raising SkedGo’s profile as a global technology pioneer. 

Sandra Witzel, head of marketing at SkedGo, says: “We are delighted to be working with 8020 and we share the belief that MaaS can drive meaningful behavioral change and encourage people towards greener, shared forms of transport to reduce their carbon footprint. In our tenth year of operation SkedGo has transformed from an Australian start-up to a recognised global leader. We are ready to move the conversation on. 

Marc Cornelius