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KDS’s Weisselberger Looks To An “Unbelievable” Future

Aviation - 9th February 2011

Paris, February 9, 2011 – “The pace of technological change is unbelievable. We’re continuously adapting to find new solutions for our customers.”

Those were the words of Yves Weisselberger, chief executive officer of KDS, the leading European supplier of integrated travel and expense (T&E) management systems, speaking this month at the company’s first annual ‘KDS! Now’ conference in Paris.

“Cloud computing has caused a revolution,” said Weisselberger. “You can seamlessly deliver a software upgrade to every single one of your customers at once.

“Mobility is another key technological trend. We used to live in a world where technology meant people had less to do. Now we bring technology to people wherever they are, so they can do more with their lives.”

The new ‘KDS Mobile’ service, launched at ‘KDS Now!’, brings the company’s T&E services to employees on the move anywhere in the world, through a mobile phone or similar hand-held device. Staff downtime is therefore minimised. Among the many advantages, expenses can be entered whilst, for example, staff are travelling between meetings in a taxi, and travel requests and approvals need never be delayed again simply because an employee or manager is off-site. “‘KDS Mobile’ is our first-generation mobile product,” says Weisselberger, “and we are very excited about the prospects. Further generations of KDS mobile products will follow soon.

“The common theme for all our technological advances at KDS is ‘people’. We know our customers want measurable savings, happy employees and control over what happens in their companies. Our efforts constantly focus on those goals.”