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IT Governance Calls For Smart IT Spending On Tight Budgets

Press Releases - 17th February 2011

Ely, England, 17 February 2011IT Governance (ITG), the one-stop shop for compliance expertise, is urging companies to spend wisely, and quickly, by making IT best practice the priority for the year ahead.

To help that process along, ITG Publishing (ITGP) is launching a Toolkit Suite that will save customers £1,000 on the cost of buying the component products separately, and ITG is offering governance and information security training courses at 2010 prices until March 31 2011.

Alan Calder, Chief Executive of IT Governance, explains: ‘As many companies and organisations are now approaching the end of their financial year, the remaining annual budget funds are shrinking daily. How do you spend that limited money intelligently, ensuring maximum benefit for 2011 and beyond? Surely the key is to assess which challenges your organisation will face and which investments will address those challenges in the most cost-effective manner? When you consider everything from strict compliance regulations to risk management needs, and from information security threats to the demands of business continuity and resilience, IT best practice becomes the priority.’

The new ITGP Toolkit Suite brings together the CD-ROM/download versions of all 11 ITGP toolkits at a price of £3,329.85, a full £1,000 below the cost of buying every toolkit separately. From information security management systems and social media governance to data protection and occupational health and safety, the ITGP Toolkit Suite provides comprehensive, practical support for every area of IT best practice an organisation is likely to need in the year ahead.

Calder continues: ‘Our toolkits are designed to integrate with each other, saving the users time, money and duplication of work. This suite is perfect for any company or public sector organisation, including small and medium-sized enterprises without the budgets for expensive consultancy or outsourcing.

‘Complementing the value of the ITGP Toolkit Suite, we are holding 2010 prices on our range of ITG training courses until the end of the financial year in March. Companies and organisations that act fast and book now can ensure their staff gain accredited certifications in governance, risk management, compliance and information security at never-to-be-repeated prices.

‘If you wait too long,’ concludes Calder, ‘you might well find your IT budget for next year is being cut. You need to act now to avoid missing out.’