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five things we learned at ABTA’s Luxury Travel Conference

Communications Strategy - 25th March 2019
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Last week, 8020 attended ABTA’s Luxury Travel Conference in London to hear all about the latest trends in travel marketing and what defines a luxury traveller. It was a fascinating day and we came back with a lot of takeaways for our clients as well as ourselves.

Here are five things we learned:

  1. The Google searches for ‘Luxury Travel’ or ‘Luxury Holiday’ are decreasing and are being replaced by terms such as ‘Holiday Experience’, ‘Unique Experience’ or ‘Unique Holiday’.
  2. 43% of luxury travellers are 16-34 year-olds, who are prioritising experiences over owning things.
  3. 60% of luxury travellers went on a day trip or excursion during their last trip and, of this number, 68% wanted a learning experience.
  4. 45% of luxury travellers are willing to pay to get advice – so the high street travel agent is very relevant to this market.
  5. Luxury travellers are increasingly making environmentally responsible decisions, so agents and operators need to make their eco proposition very clear to bookers.

If you’re looking to engage luxury travellers through public relations, get in touch to discuss how to put these insights to use.