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ExecuJet Europe marks successful year of centralised services

Aviation - 22nd May 2013

ExecuJet Europe’s centralised services department has enjoyed a successful first 12 months at Cambridge Airport. Since relocating aircraft operations from Zurich to Cambridge in Q2 2012, the company has implemented new systems and teams to further maximise the department’s efficiency.

The operations department dispatches aircraft 24 hours a day, seven days a week and currently monitors 75 aircraft globally. A centralised purchasing department secures the best prices on fuel and FBO services and deals with issues, such as the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). There is also a dedicated crew visa support team and worldwide training coordination, which has increased crew availability.

Gerrit Basson, Managing Director of ExecuJet Europe and COO of ExecuJet Aviation Group, says: “We have worked hard to expand our team and establish a solid base in the UK over the past year. The move has been a great success – centralising our core operations department has improved internal communications and reduced operating costs.”

John Brutnell, Operations Director of ExecuJet Europe, adds: “As the European market recovers, we are keeping ahead of the game and preparing for increased demand by putting measures in place to optimise our operational efficiency. We are pleased with the enhancements we have made which enable us to offer an even higher level of service to our clients.”

The centralised services department also manages helicopter operations, following the addition of the first helicopter to ExecuJet Europe’s managed fleet earlier this year.

ExecuJet Europe has been working closely with the developers of the business aviation on-demand system FlightForce to refine its features and maximise the efficiency and automation benefits the application provides. FlightForce coordinates all departments, from operations control, flight scheduling, crew and fleet management, to safety and quality, marketing and charter sales.