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easyJet Premium Fares, Collinson Latitude Comment

Aviation - 15th December 2010

The aviation and travel industry is now assessing the strategic significance of easyJet’s decision to launch a flexible fare for business travellers, including priority boarding and a checked-in bag at no cost. Janet Titterton, business planning director at Collinson Latitude, a global provider of ancillary revenue products and services, says: “This move represents the latest evolution in the unbundling process sweeping through the travel industry. Unbundled services, such as baggage, for which airline passengers have lately been separately charged, are now being offered to key customers as part of a flight package, representing re-bundled inventory. easyJet has taken this process to the next stage by also bundling enhanced products, such as the flexible flight change and priority boarding. The key is to ensure passengers feel a sense of value from the relationship. Further enhancement could be the inclusion of third-party benefits in the airline’s package too.”