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Demonstrate your clients’ leadership credentials through a whitepaper

Thought Leadership - 28th April 2020
How to plan a whitepaper

Part of our role as travel, aviation and transport PR specialists is to position our clients as experts in their field. While this can be achieved through press releases and speaking opportunities, publishing a whitepaper is another extremely effective way to not only demonstrate a company’s knowledge, but also to solidify its position as an industry leader by sharing research results, insights and predictions for future trends.

At the end of 2019, we proposed and produced a whitepaper for ITSO Ltd, a membership of public sector authorities, transport operators and equipment and solution suppliers to the smart ticketing industry, on Mobility as a Service (MaaS), outlining the organisation’s role in the model’s future development.

With ITSO, we researched and assessed the factors contributing to the successful delivery of MaaS in cities across the world, detailing the actions that need to be taken by UK transport operators and local authorities to achieve a full interoperable transport system.

Why ITSO plays a fundamental role in the development of Mobility as a Service’ highlights the need for further investment in the technology that will help make integrated services a reality. It positions smart ticketing, specifically ticket fulfilment through mobile applications, as the best way to simplify ticketing and as a result, provide the foundations from which MaaS schemes can develop and thrive.

Working with a design team, we included eye-catching infographics, images and graphs alongside our copy, ensuring the whitepaper aligned with ITSO’s branding and key messages. We then distributed the whitepaper to key media within the transport and MaaS sectors, along with a short press release outlining its findings. Our goal of demonstrating ITSO’s authority and specialist knowledge was achieved with coverage in publications such as Rail Professional and NFC World, while the company received positive feedback from major industry players.

If you think a whitepaper would benefit your client’s business our key tips are to keep the copy succinct and easy to digest; include research and data to back up claims; take an original stance on the issues being presented; and ensure the subject is one that affects the wider industry, rather than a promotion of the company itself. These factors combined, will see you create a successful and impactful whitepaper, positioning your client as an industry thought leader.

To download ITSO’s whitepaper, please visit: