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BBC TV launches ‘The Travel Show’

Travel - 4th March 2014

‘Fast:track’, the long-running TV travel show on BBC World News, has just been replaced by an all-new programme, ‘The Travel Show’, which airs internationally on BBC World News and domestically on BBC2 television. 

Here are the full details from editor Mike London:

BBC Launches The Travel Show

Show will replace Fast:Track

The BBC is re-launching one of its most watched shows in February 2014. The Travel Show (formerly known as Fast:track) will air every weekend on BBC World News TV from February 15 with a host of new faces.

Lead presenter, Rajan Datar, will be joined by a new team based around the world who will report on the latest travel trends and must-see destinations. Christa Larwood is a Sydney-based travel-writer and TV presenter; London-based Ade Adepitan is a Paralympian and Gold Medallist; Carmen Roberts lives in Tokyo and has reported from more than 70 countries; and Henry Golding lives in Kuala Lumpur and has already made a name for himself as a TV travel presenter in Asia.

The Travel Show will build on the success of the BBC’s Fast:Track, which has long been a trusted source of expertise, information and advice for travellers across the globe.

Carey Clark, Executive Producer of the new show: “The Travel Show will address a real need amongst modern travellers – the internet is fine for finding good deals and comparing prices but it is often hard to find impartial insight, advice or information. In a world suffering from information overload we’ll help guide viewers find the best deals and discover the hottest and most exciting new destinations.”

Emma De’Ath, Commissioning Editor for BBC Global News: “The Travel Show isn’t your typical TV travel programme. The team behind one of the most watched global travel shows will continue to engage the curious and intelligent traveller who wants to explore the world and will reveal just how different connected modern travel is from tourism of the past. We’re delighted to introduce four exciting new faces to The Travel Show team each of whom brings a fresh dimension to the show.”

In 2014, The Travel Show will showcase the very best in consumer and travel journalism, with each weekly 30 minute show focussing on the current issues and trends that are influencing global travel choices – from high-end trips to budget vacations. Some of the planned destinations in 2014 include the Maldives, New Zealand, France, India, Belgium, Mexico, Sudan, Myanmar, Macedonia and Bulgaria. In addition to regular programming the team will also focus on a specific country or destination; India, South Africa, the Philippines, Australia and Brazil are up this year.

The Travel show will also be featuring films from – the BBC’s dedicated online travel site.

For the first time The Travel Show will also have a UK transmission on BBC Two on Fridays at 1030 am. The BBC News Channel will also broadcast The Travel Show every weekend from April 2014.

You can also follow the exploits of the presenters on Twitter @bbctravelshow.