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TSO appoints mentors for ITIL® update

Press Releases - 8th December 2009

8 December 2009: The update to the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) Version 3 by The Stationery Office (TSO) is gathering pace with the appointment of the four ‘mentors’ for the project.

David Wheeldon, Colin Rudd, Shirley Lacy and Ashley Hanna are now working alongside industry-leading publisher TSO in their new roles in the ITIL update.

The task of the mentors is to coach, advise and review the work of the authors updating the five core ITIL publications and the ‘Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle’.

Wheeldon is mentoring the authors working on the ITIL volumes ‘Service Strategy’ and ‘Continual Service Improvement’. He was author himself of several of the original ITIL Version 1 books, joint author of the Version 2 ‘Service Delivery’ publication and joint author of the current Version 3 ‘Service Operation’ book.

Rudd takes on the role of mentoring the authors updating the remaining three core ITIL volumes: ‘Service Design’, ‘Service Transition’ and ‘Service Operation’. Director of IT Enterprise Management Services, Rudd was co-author of the ITIL Version 3 ‘Service Design’ publication and has delivered IT service management (ITSM) training and consultancy worldwide.

Lacy becomes the project mentor, in an overarching role to ensure consistency throughout the books. She will also directly mentor the author of the ‘Introduction to the ITIL Service Lifecycle’ update. Managing Director of ConnectSphere, Lacy was co-author of the ITIL Version 3 ‘Service Transition’ book and she has been an active contributor to the development of international standards.

As technical continuity editor, Hanna will mainly be responsible for ensuring the correctness and consistency of diagrams and definitions throughout ITIL. Hanna will therefore not only liaise with the authors but will also work with the TSO editorial, production and graphic design staff. Hanna contributed as an author to ITIL Version 2 and was co-author of the ITIL Version 3 ‘Glossary of Terms, Definitions and Acronyms’.

The new, updated editions of all the ITIL Version 3 core publications will be released in early 2011. There are no current plans for ITIL Version 4.

Janine Eves, OGC Contract Manager and Publisher at TSO, says: “Choosing the right mentors for this project was a vital task. We needed to find people with experience and understanding of the ITIL materials to date, as well as a knowledge of the ITIL community and environment. As such, we are delighted to welcome David, Colin, Shirley and Ashley into their new roles.

“In each case, there needs to be a strong relationship between the mentor and the author. The mentor is there to support, motivate and encourage, as well as asking questions and providing insights.

“This update process will help to ensure that TSO’s core ITIL Version 3 publications continue to offer the highest quality guidance for ITSM.”

More information about the update to ITIL Version 3 can be found in the ‘OGC Mandate for Change’.