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The value of business aviation

Aviation - 2nd December 2008

Right now, business aviation is feeling the pinch in common with most other sectors.  When cost-consciousness is at the fore there are also renewed sensitivities about whether using a business jet looks self indulgent – witness the stick that the CEOs of the Big Three US auto makers got when they recently flew in to Washington to ask for financial help.  (In that particular case, fair comment – surely someone should have seen that coming.)

It’s therefore great to finally have some solid evidence of the value that business aviation delivers to the European economy.  PriceWaterhouseCoopers has just produced a report for the European Business Aviation Association that shows business aviation contributing 20 billion Euros to the region annually.  Business aviation has been thriving in Europe because it meets a need.  With tools like this, and similar ammunition on carbon emissions, the industry should make real progress in getting legislators to give the informed support that is sometimes so lacking.