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Rapid response PR: IT Governance takes on the Tories

Financial Services - 25th September 2009

The other day, the Conservative Party announced their policy on data protection and the role of the Information Commissioner. This prompted what became a case study in rapid response PR for our client IT Governance (ITG).

We heard about the policy on Radio 4’s Today programme and saw it was very relevant to ITG, which helps organisations adopt best practice data security. Having tracked down an online copy of the policy document we quickly established its strengths and weaknesses from ITG’s viewpoint. Then, based on a hastily composed synopsis, we were able secure a commission from for an opinion piece discussing the policy’s merits and where it fell short.

We worked up the article and agreed it with the client, and were able to submit it within 48 hours of the Conservative announcement. It was great to see the article plugged on the ZDNet home page this morning as one of the day’s top stories.

Over to you, Mr Cameron.