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Our new media database

Integrated PR - 19th March 2009

Great PR depends on great media contacts.  We have a wide network of excellent relationships, but there’s always someone new we need to get to know.  Having the best media information is therefore critical for targeting the right journalists and understanding what works for them.  (For the importance of targeting, see our recent post that explains our name.)

After weighing up a range of options, we recently plumped for Gorkana as our new media database system.  Although it’s eye-wateringly expensive at first glance (and second glance, for that matter!), we’re satisfied that Gorkana offers the most comprehensive and accurate data on media outlets.  In addition, its tools and user events create a host of extra ways to excel with the media.

So far, things are working well – Gorkana gets a thumbs-up from us and our clients.