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New Self-Help Guides for Managers on the Vital Component of True IT Success – People Skills

Press Releases - 18th February 2009

Ely, England, 18 February, 2009 – Independent publisher IT Governance is delighted to announce the launch of a library of self-help people skills titles to help IT professionals become more effective team leaders, improve their contribution to the business and advance their careers by becoming fully-rounded business people.

The move comes in response to a growing awareness in the IT professional and managerial community that to deliver the full benefit of technology to organisations, just as much emphasis on ‘soft skills’ is warranted as technical competence. It’s now become quite evident that IT professionals won’t truly get ahead until they understand how their actions and reactions impact on others’ behaviour and working relationships.

This new series of books aims to provide practical guidance on a range of soft-skills areas for managers in IT and also for others, including those who deal with IT professionals, in order to facilitate more effective and co-operative working practices.

The first four books in this special IT Governance series have been written by widely-respected business author, trainer and consultant, Sarah Cook, with the fifth being penned by experienced HR consultant and trainer, Naomi Karten, drawing on her background in psychology and on her technical and managerial experience in IT.

Both authors have combined a highly practical and results-focused approach with a host of tried and tested techniques to make the series as easy to read and use as possible for the busy IT professional. The language is jargon-free, with a bibliography and a helpful glossary of terms included at the end of each book.

  • Building a High-Performance Team: Proven techniques for effective team working aims to provide a springboard for creating a strong team, detailing how a manager’s work, in IT or elsewhere, cannot be achieved without collaboration and teamwork. This book will help you assess where your team’s strengths and weaknesses may lie and to develop a plan for unleashing its full power
  • Coaching for High Performance: How to develop exceptional results through coaching outlines how coaching is a forward-focused and goal-oriented tool for unlocking potential, usable at any time and in any place, via telephone, e-mail and face to face, and one which can be invaluable in helping resolve issues with colleagues, key stakeholders and senior management. The book also elaborates on how coaching can encourage self-discovery and awareness of self and others
  • The Effective Manager: Management skills for high performance will help you develop your management skills. Whether you are new to management, or have been a manager for some time, management is a skill that has to be learned and developed in order to gain the trust and respect of team members and achieve group and organisational goals. This book is designed to assist you in understanding the characteristics of a high-performance manager, to help you assess where your strengths and development areas lie and, most importantly of all, create a plan of action for achieving your full management potential
  • Leading for Success: Unleash your leadership potential to achieve extraordinary results is aimed equally at those new to leadership and also at those who have been a leader for some time. Gone are the days when leadership was merely a quality that people at the top of the organisation needed to demonstrate: for organisations to succeed today, they need distributed leadership, leadership demonstrated at every level throughout the business. This title examines the differences between management and leadership, discusses leadership style, how to develop and communicate vision, goals and strategy, using empowerment and delegation, and how to maximise your leadership capability
  • Changing How You Manage and Communicate Change: Focusing on the human side of change deals with the issue of change from a refreshingly different perspective. In the workplace, all too often, those in charge focus their attention on the technical aspects of change, at the expense of the people. Yet change will proceed more smoothly and effectively if serious consideration is given to the people aspects. This book offers ideas, guidelines and advice to help you implement change in a way which respects those affected, using communication skills as guidance tools

“Written in straightforward language and in a style that makes its content accessible and highly-practical, this invaluable series of books will give IT leaders the information and knowledge they need for high performance in the workplace,” says Alan Calder, Chief Executive of the books’ publisher, IT Governance.

Building a High-Performance Team (ISBN 978-1-905356-80-5), Coaching for High Performance (ISBN 978-1-84928-002-0),  The Effective Manager (ISBN 978-1-905356-88-1) –published 24th February 2009, Leading for Success (ISBN 978-1-905356-92-8) – published 24th February 2009 are all priced at £24.95/$36.25/€27.19 and can be ordered at The books are also available for download.

Changing How You Manage and Communicate Change (ISBN 978-1-905356-94-2) –published 31st March 2009 is priced at £29.95/$43.51/€32.64 and can be ordered at book is also available for download.

Save £29.80 by getting all five IT Governance soft skills titles at the special offer price of £99.95/$145.22/€108.92 at

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