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Media Moves: Expansion for Britain’s biggest aviation magazine

Aviation - 5th January 2010

Pilot, the best-selling monthly magazine for pilots and aeroplane enthusiasts, is to be expanded in 2010, with an additional section aimed at broadening its coverage.

Pilot Plus will appear on alternate months within Pilot, commencing in March 2010. It will allow Pilot to have more features specifically for helicopter, glider, microlight and other pilots while continuing to run its established and highly respected sections aimed at all pilots, whatever they fly.

Pilot Plus is a response to demand from readers and advertisers for a section within the magazine targeted specifically at their aircraft type.

Nick Bloom, Editor, said: “Pilot serves a lot of constituents who buy it for the regular sections and features that are written for all pilots, whatever they fly. Pilot Plus is a free addition to Pilot, specifically for those whose interests cannot be fully served within the constraints of the parent magazine, although I’m sure regular readers will also regard it as a welcome ‘extra’.

“We have been careful to ensure that none of the qualities that have built Pilot into Britain’s biggest-selling general aviation magazine have been sacrificed. Pilot Plus will allow us to introduce more readers into Pilot by having something specifically targeted at their speciality.”