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Learn How to Meet and Master the Data Governance Challenge

Press Releases - 15th May 2009

Ely, England, May 15, 2009 – IT Governance Publishing, the publishing arm of leading independent information security consultants IT Governance, has launched a new practical guide around the best way for organisations to manage what’s increasingly their real ‘life blood’ – their data.

In today’s Information Age, all organisations depend on data, increasingly one of their most valuable assets for generating the most accurate picture of the business. But mishandled data – data not made available to those who need it, corrupt or inaccurate, and so on – all signify forms of data that can cause serious harm to the organisation. And meanwhile, there is a growing range of data-related compliance legislation from the Data Protection Act to Freedom of Information which organisations must follow. Clearly, poor management of data could be crippling.

In response to this growing need for better guidance on working with critical data, IT Governance Publishing’s The Data Governance Imperative sets out the best strategies and tactics around managing a data governance initiative and will help meet both the Board and senior management’s needs on how best to work with sensitive information.

The author of this landmark guide is industry expert, Steve Sarsfield, who works for a major enterprise software company and who is also is a leading expert in data quality and data governance. Steve’s study focuses 100% on the business perspectives so important to data champions, front-office employees, and executives.

Steve also runs an award-winning and world-recognised blog called the Data Governance and Data Quality Insider (, which has gained a huge following because of its constant stream of highly practical advice on the topic.

“The reasons for changing the way in which organisations manage information compliance are compelling,” warns Alan Calder, Chief Executive of IT Governance. “This book is an ideal starting point for senior executives working to understand and meet their organisation’s specific and pressing governance needs.”

The Data Governance Imperative is priced at £39.95/$59.09/€42.25 (ISBN 9781849280129) and can be ordered at

The book is also available in downloadable format at for £39.95/$59.09/€42.25.