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Launch of Essential Guide to Simple IT Standards Implementation

Press Releases - 12th March 2009

Ely, England, March 12, 2009 – Maximising return on IT investments, while meeting regulatory compliance requirements and dealing appropriately with the escalating range of threats and risks, is challenging – especially in the midst of a credit crunch. Boards and managers have better things to think about, like saving their companies, rather than deal with large volumes of information on IT frameworks and standards. Yet, neglecting such issues could be fatal. Is there any easy way to make sense of all this information?

IT Governance: Implementing Frameworks and Standards for the Corporate Governance of IT from leading compliance expert IT Governance could be the answer, providing highly practical guidance for board executives and IT professionals on how to gain maximum corporate and commercial advantage from deploying best practice governance measures.

“This book guides the board member or IT professional through the ‘maze’ of how to implement the best IT standards and controls by offering solid, practical guidance in a way that enables the company to forge ahead,” explains author Alan Calder, an international authority on IT governance issues and CEO of IT Governance.

“Many IT management and IT governance frameworks and standards have been published in the last decade. The trick is to integrate them, so each can do its job and set them within an overarching framework tailored to the needs of each organisation. This ‘must-have’ guide provides business leaders with the information and insight they need to achieve this.”

The book draws extensively on the Calder-Moir Framework, developed to help organisations co-ordinate the large number of overlapping or competing frameworks and standards. The framework may be downloaded free of charge from

IT Governance: Implementing Frameworks and Standards for the Corporate Governance of IT is priced at £39.95 GBP /$58.04/€43.54 (ISBN: 9781905356904) and can be ordered at This book is also available to download at