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IT Governance Publishing Reveals The Secrets Of A Perfect Presentation

Press Releases - 7th September 2010

Ely, England, 7 September 2010 – IT Governance Publishing (ITGP), the specialist publishing arm of IT Governance, is offering the ideal solution for technical professionals looking to improve their presentation skills.

ITGP’s latest book, Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals, details the key techniques needed to ensure knowledge is communicated effectively, providing the reader with guidelines and advice for engaging an audience and taking the stress out of presenting.

Naomi Karten, the book’s author and a highly-experienced speaker serving the IT industry, says: ‘Whether you are an ambitious IT professional eager to advance your career, or a chief executive officer seeking to expand your business, presentation skills are essential. Too often, individuals in technical professions cannot fully communicate the wealth of knowledge in their heads. Any number of problems can occur, from anxiety about public speaking to a lack of preparation that rapidly becomes exposed. But these problems are avoidable. It’s time to stop good ideas being rejected because they were badly presented.’

Karten’s book therefore comprehensively guides the reader through the keys to successful presentations, including:

  • how to structure information, so that complex ideas are easy to understand;
  • avoiding the bad habits that irritate an audience, from mumbling when you speak to talking in jargon and clichés;
  • using PowerPoint® effectively and not excessively, ensuring you do not leave your audience bored with dull slides or confused by information overload;
  • how to deliver strong, targeted presentations by understanding that different audiences will respond to different approaches; selling a product to your customers can be very different to selling an idea to your managing director.

Alan Calder, Chief Executive of IT Governance, says: ‘A poorly-presented plan will often simply be regarded as a poor plan. IT and information security proposals need to be approved by senior management before they are implemented. The presentation skills that IT professionals need to convey their messages effectively are, therefore, absolutely essential to the success of any project.’

Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals (ISBN: 978-1-84928-073-0) is available in 246-page softcover and e-book format. The book can be ordered online for £24.95 ($37.23/€27.44) at:

Calder adds: ‘Soft skills play a vital role in modern business but, by their very nature, these qualities are not always easy to harness and improve. That’s why we’re so proud of the way our books, like Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals, address these problem areas clearly and concisely, presenting serious points with a light touch.’

ITGP’s soft skills titles include Changing How You Manage and Communicate Change (also written by Karten) and four books by Sarah Cook – Building a High-Performance Team, Coaching for High Performance, The Effective Manager and Leading for Success. All these titles can be bought from: