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IT Governance Publishing Helps Swanson Raise The Bar For Internal Audit

Press Releases - 17th August 2010
IT Governance Publishing Helps Swanson Raise The Bar For Internal Audit

Ely, England, 17 August 2010 – IT Governance Publishing (ITGP), the specialist publishing arm of IT Governance, is helping take internal audit to a higher level with a new book of expert guidance.

Swanson on Internal Auditing

ITGP’s latest book, Swanson on Internal Auditing: Raising the Bar, collects essays by internal audit guru Dan Swanson into a concise but comprehensive guide to improving internal audit results.

The book explains the internal audit process in a detailed, accessible way, highlighting challenges and identifying practical solutions. Novice internal auditors can read every article to gain a solid understanding of best practice. Alternatively, experienced internal auditors can choose to hone their skills by focusing on particular chapters and the leading-edge resources highlighted throughout the book.

The book is not just aimed at audit practitioners, however, and is an essential read for corporate executives, IT staff, board members and security personnel. Subjects covered range from an explanation of the internal audit function as a concept, through to risk management, IT security, business continuity, ethics and compliance. Whether outlining the 20 questions directors should ask about internal audit, or explaining how to ensure audit priorities are aligned with an organisation’s needs, Swanson provides a step-by-step guide to achieving the best possible results.

Alan Calder, Chief Executive of IT Governance, says: ‘Handled badly, an internal audit can feel like a stumble through a dark room. Dan Swanson’s book turns on the light.’

Swanson adds: ‘The world is changing, raising new challenges, and so the internal audit needs to change too. The internal auditor’s role and responsibilities are evolving. I want to help audit professionals rise to these new opportunities.

‘Internal auditing can provide managers and board members with valuable assistance by giving objective assurance about an organisation’s governance, risk management and control processes. Establishing a robust internal audit function is a long-term and very worthwhile investment. An internal audit department can act as an independent adviser for the Board and senior management.’

Dr. Sridhar Ramamoorti, Associate Professor of Accounting, Michael J. Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University (Georgia), says: ‘The book’s approach and tone is always constructive, with comprehensive coverage and profound but actionable insights. It is a valuable reference tool and addition to the practitioner’s professional library.’

Jon Lukomnik, co-author of the best-selling business title The New Capitalists, adds: ‘Too many people regard internal audit as a wonkish exercise in self-examination. In Swanson’s hands, however, internal audit becomes the lantern of Diogenes, illuminating accountability, responsibility and control.’

Swanson on Internal Auditing: Raising the Bar (ISBN: 9781849280679) is available in 340-page softcover and e-book format. The book can be ordered online for £39.95 at: (UK) or for $49.95 at: (US). If ordered before the official launch date of August 26, the book can be bought for the discount price of £29.95 (or $39.95).