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Hang on a minute!

Miscellaneous - 2nd August 2010

It is one of those long-observed traditions that August heralds a general slow-down on the business front, as clients head off on holiday for a well-earned break. Given the widely reported uncertainty plaguing the economy, we had expected the drop-off in work to be even more pronounced than usual this summer. But we were wrong – very wrong. Things have gone positively bonkers here of late, with ten separate pitches at various stages of completion and all due for delivery this month. We don’t know if this is just affecting us or if it is a broader phenomenon. We have a theory that it is partly the latter, with many companies having now adjusted to this economic climate as the ‘new normal’ and deciding to get on with some overdue marketing. Whatever the cause, this kind of overwork is a high-class problem – let’s hope it lasts.