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Greener IT Policies May Be The Only Way To Go

Press Releases - 27th August 2008

Ely, England, August 27, 2008 — Environmental legislation, consumer pressure and the credit crunch are all contributing to an imminent explosion in the demand for products and services that assist the greening of IT, predicts leading UK compliance specialist IT Governance.

In response to the growing need for intelligent, practical and hype-free guidance, IT Governance will publish a Best Practice report, ‘Green IT – Benefits and Best Practices’, in September, providing essential practical starting point for managers on how to get to grips with greening their IT infrastructure. The report will be complemented by ‘Green IT in Practice’, a hands-on book on the subject from IT Governance which describes, in clear and straightforward terms, how one organisation – the John Lewis Partnership – implemented a Green IT strategy.

These publications form a part of IT Governance’s rapidly growing range of cutting edge green IT resources, which include a full range of guidance around the ISO 14000 Environmental Management System, all designed to support organizations that wish to implement a Green IT strategy while maintaining that essential bottom-line focus.

There is a clear need for such a strategy. As a major power consumer, the IT sector is directly and indirectly responsible for producing significant amounts of greenhouse gases and toxic waste. Analyst firm Gartner calculates that the IT and communications sector is responsible for approximately 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions – the same amount as aviation, an industry vilified by environmentalists.

Going green, IT-wise (implementing an IT strategy aimed at more efficient use of power) can cost time, capital and effort. But finding ways to reduce energy and materials usage, save space and reduce greenhouse gas and polluting emissions are not just ‘ethically’ worthwhile, they promote better operating efficiencies and help organisations reduce operational cost.

In fact, used wisely, IT can make a positive contribution to tackling climate change – The World Wide Fund for Nature published a report in May 2008 that suggests IT could deliver a billion tons of CO2 reductions, for instance. But getting there is the challenge.

Alan Calder, Chief Executive of IT Governance, points out, “Many global companies now view green initiatives as necessary to staying competitive, quite a change from the views of yester year. Now businesses realise that they can make long-term savings and increase operational efficiencies through implementing greener ways of working, especially around technology. And this is especially true in difficult economic circumstances like now. Green IT in Practice and our new Best Practice Report on IT gives business leaders the information and insight they need to boost their green credentials.”

Green IT in Practice (ISBN 9781905356614) is due to be published on 2 September 2008, priced at £29.95, with a pre-publication discount of 20% available for all early bird purchasers.

The green IT Best Practice report Green IT – Benefits and Best Practices is also due to be published in September 2008, priced at £295 and with a special pre-launch discount of just £99.95.