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Green IT Gets Easier with New Range of Pocket Guides

Press Releases - 9th March 2009

Ely, England, March 9, 2009 – Virtually every organisation is under increasing pressure to demonstrate its ‘green’ credentials to customers – or risk losing trade if it fails to do so. But greener ways of working – reducing energy and materials usage, curbing of greenhouse gas and polluting emissions – are not just worth doing for ethical reasons alone; they also promote better operating efficiencies and help organisations comply and respond to regulatory threats, which is welcome news in difficult economic circumstances.

Getting there is the challenge. However, in response, leading compliance expert IT Governance has launched a new series of Green IT pocket guides that set out practical, easy to take steps, in the reach of every organisation, that can be a real help in implementing such a strategy.

The Green IT pocket guide series consists of three complementary titles:

The Green Agenda: A Business Guide – A guide to Green IT specifically written for a business audience, which introduces key climate change concepts and the standpoints of various groupings. It provides an overview of a Green IT strategy and a bottom line-orientated action plan.

The Green Office: A Business Guide – Developed to help cost-conscious, environmentally-minded organisations identify simple, practical ways of reducing both their cost base and their carbon footprint.

Compliance for Green IT: Pocket Guide – Covers regulations directly relevant to IT, such as carbon trading. These regulations are used – in either voluntary or mandatory programmes – to reduce CO² emissions and offset the impact of environmental damage caused elsewhere. IT is a significant consumer of power, and these trading schemes are becoming increasingly important and relevant for organisations. This guide provides an introduction to, and overview of, these programmes.

“Green IT is not only about responding to the consumer environmental concerns,” says Alan Calder, a leading author on information security and IT governance who wrote all three guides. “It is also about promoting operating efficiencies – so, even for organisations that do not have much interest in the Green Agenda, the potential cost savings from pursuing a green action plan are – particularly in recessionary times – worth having. And staying out of trouble by complying with Green IT regulations has to make sense.

“These guides offer businesses of any size the means to formulate their own green action plans, to save the planet or simply to save money.”

The Green Agenda: A Business Guide, The Green Office: A Business Guide and Compliance for Green IT: Pocket Guide are each priced £19.95/$28.99/€21.74 (ISBN 9781905356980 / 9781849280044 / 9781849280006 respectively) and can be ordered at (The Green Agenda), (The Green Office) and (Compliance for Green IT)

Alternatively, the three books are available as a set at a discounted price of £49.95/ $72.57/€54.44 and can be ordered at

The set is also available in downloadable format at for £49.95/$72.57/€54.44.