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FiscalReps Forum to Provide Timely Global Advice on Premium Tax Compliance

Financial Services - 23rd October 2008

London, England, 23 October 2008 – With regulation and compliance firmly in the spotlight after the recent economic turmoil, insurance professionals will be able to hear the very latest advice on Insurance Premium Tax compliance at FiscalReps’ IPT Forum on 14 November  at Gibson Hall, 13 Bishopsgate London, EC2.

The IPT Forum, which has become the must-attend annual event for those concerned or tasked with IPT compliance, is expected to surpass the success of last year’s event, which was attended by 100 insurers, brokers and captive owners.

An international panel of experts from diverse parts of the financial services industry will offer the most authoritative guidance on the latest developments, with insights and illustrations from both sides of the Atlantic.

Among the hot topics to be covered will be the implications for the wider market of the recent UK IPT Tribunal ruling against Homeserve; how ‘fair allocation’ can be taken to mean different things by different national tax authorities; how to stress-test your current IPT compliance systems; the United States’ Federal Excise Tax (FET) and how it applies to insurance premiums; and, lastly, what the insurance industry and other sectors can expect as a result of the 2008 banking crisis.

Confirmed speakers include Roger Nightingale, a prominent commentator on the global economy; Steve Mummery, operations manager at Willis; Robert Hartley of law firm Lovells; Asher Harris, a New York-based tax attorney specialising in insurance; and Susie Crew, consultant and internal auditor at FiscalReps.

Mike Stalley, chief executive of FiscalReps, said: “The very large turnout at last year’s IPT Forum proved there is a real appetite for guidance in this complex area

“This year, we will be focusing on a number of the topics that delegates have asked to hear more about.  In particular, global policies increasingly call for global compliance solutions, so we will be offering fresh insights from both Europe and the US.  The meaning of ‘fair allocation’ is also an issue that prompts debate, so we will help explain how this is viewed by different national tax authorities.  Lastly, we are sure that many will want to understand how the Homeserve Tribunal ruling affects them, so will offer a detailed analysis of the case and its implications.

“Many of our clients approach us for guidance on how to achieve compliance in this complex area. Done properly, organisations need to improve all the processes, data flow and data sources between underwriter and back office functions in order to achieve ‘guaranteed’ compliance. We expect that the Forum will provide an authoritative update on the issues that insurers, brokers, captives and corporates need to understand here as they all have a part to play.

“We are fortunate to have assembled an excellent panel of speakers and are confident that everyone attending will learn things of real value to them.”

FiscalReps is an independent tax consultancy that specialises in helping the insurance industry to achieve IPT compliance globally. The company is the European market leader and advises many of the largest insurers, brokers and corporate captive owners.

To attend a Forum Press Breakfast (8.30am-9.30am) or to arrange individual briefings with any of the speakers at the Forum, contact Amanda Burgess, 80:20 Communications,, 020 7664 6310.

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